2021 Local Government Election Information

The Local Government Election which were to be held on Saturday 4 September 2021 will now be held on Saturday 4 December 2021.

At the election, you will be asked to vote on which candidates should become a Councillor for the next term of Council (2021–2024).

If you’re over 18, are an Australian citizen and live in the Queanbeyan-Palerang area, make sure you’re enrolled to vote.

Polling booth locations and information about pre-polling and postal voting will be provided when the details are confirmed by the NSW Electoral Commission.

For more information or to update your enrolment details, visit www.elections.nsw.gov.au

Non-residential roll

If you own land or are a lessee in the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council area, but do not live here, you may still be eligible to vote in the Local Government Election. More information is available on the NSW Electoral Commission website.

If you would like to be added to the non-residential roll, please fill out the relevant form below and return it to us by Monday 25 October 2021.

Interested in becoming a Councillor?

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor, the NSW Electoral Commission are holding online seminars between April and August. These will help prospective candidates find out about the election, nomination process and more. Nominations to register as a candidate open on 25 October and close on 3 November.

Recordings of the candidate information seminars that have already been held and links to register for upcoming seminars are available on the NSW Electoral Commission website here.

What it means to be a Councillor

QPRC is represented by eleven elected Councillors. They have an important role in advocating for the needs of residents and leading QPRC into the future.

We encourage women, young people aged 18 and over, and Aboriginal people to consider nominating, to ensure that Council reflects the community we serve.

Once elected, Councillors are supported by Council staff to undertake their duties. An induction process is held to ensure Councillors understand their responsibilities and the work that Council is responsible for.

Meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, with a briefing held on the Tuesday prior to the meeting. Council workshops are also held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, as required.

Councillors usually serve a four-year term; however this election is for a two-year and nine month term to bring the election cycle back in line after the delay due to COVID-19.

How to nominate

To find out how to register to become a candidate, visit the NSW Electoral Commission website, email candidates@elections.nsw.gov.au or phone the Candidate Helpdesk on 1300 022 011.

Local election work opportunities

Expressions of interest are now open to work at the elections in December. Working at an election is a great way for members of the community to earn money, learn new skills and deliver democracy by helping people to have their say. There are positions available during the election period and on election day itself. More information, including position descriptions, pay rates, and the link to apply, can be found on the NSW Electoral Commission website.