This shows the new shared path along the Queanbeyan River near Thorpe Avenue

Projects scheduled for 2018-19

* - reliant on grant funding 

Projects scheduled for 2019-21

These projects have been identified in the Delivery Program 2018-21. Further information will be available following the adoption of the relevant year's Operational Plan.

  • Queanbeyan Animal Management Facility - Identify site and prepare
  • Proposed Memorial Park
  • Queanbeyan - Riverside Caravan Park Upgrade  
  • Queanbeyan Regional Sports Complex - Concept Design
  • Queanbeyan - Lowe Street public domain
  • Queanbeyan - Civic Plaza - Rutledge carpark
  • Queanbeyan - Morisset carpark (pending Council approval)
  • Queanbeyan - Waterfall path
  • Queanbeyan - Lowe Street pedestrian corridor