Back Creek Bridge Replacement (MR270)

  • Project typeCapital Works
  • Project value$1,402,500
  • Project scheduleCompleted October 2019
  • Contractor nameBridge and Civil Pty Ltd
Image of completed Back Creek Bridge

Update - November 2018

Work has now been completed and the bridge is open to all traffic.

Work commenced mid December with demolition of the old timber/concrete bridge. The in-ground piling works for the new bridge have now been completed and construction of abutments, piers and headstock are underway. The precast concrete planks are being fabricated off site.

During the works, the low level bypass will be used for the vehicle detour, and traffic will be controlled by automatic signals. There may be slight delays during the works.

The existing bridge is currently load limited, single lane and requires vehicles (including school buses) to cross on-coming traffic to access the bypass on westbound travel. The existing low level crossing is approximately 1.5m lower than the bridge deck, and is therefore more frequently inundated by flooding than the bridge. When in flood, school buses cannot cross Back Creek and arrangements need to be made with parents to meet the school bus at Back Creek in the afternoon. If flooded in the morning, students generally do not make it to school unless they can be dropped off in Braidwood by parents. Additionally, the bypass has a heavy vehicle speed limit of 40km/hr for a total distance of 500m, which affects heavy vehicle speeds for up to 2.5km.

The new bridge will consist of a two lane concrete structure, with a 48m length and able to carrying heavy vehicles. The new bridge will be on a similar but slightly improved alignment and will allow removal of the existing low-level heavy vehicle bypass following completion. The project will deliver significant improvements for safety, transport efficiencies and environmental aspects at the site, as well as mitigating impacts of delays during flood events.


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