Braidwood customer service and library

  • Project typeCapital works
  • Project value$250,000

Council has been considering changes to the ground floor operations of the Braidwood office and library since June 2019, with the design being subject to consultation with staff and the community on a number of occasions. 

Following strong community and staff feedback in 2019, the plans were revised to ensure that access was maintained from Wallace St and that the plans reflected the requirements of both the community and staff into the future. Revised plans were developed in consultation with staff, the Braidwood Community Association and the Braidwood and Curtilage Heritage Committee prior to further public consultation in October-November 2020.

Features of the revised plans for the ground floor of 144 Wallace Street include:

  • Access retained from Wallace Street and Park Lane
  • Construction of a link between customer service and library. Requires removal of one window.
  • Combined library/customer service desk (counter) with dividing sliding door
  • Space for 19 staff at ground level, including hot desks
  • Relocated children’s area in library (same size)
  • Relocation of records from first floor to the Old Library in Park Lane
  • Staff meeting room, security and amenities
  • Small smart hub

To provide for a joint library and customer service counter, the current children’s library will need to be relocated within the library, noting that it will not be reduced in size and the library will offer the same programs that are currently provided. As part of the works in the library, Council will engage a library design specialist, as used with the recent refurbishment of the Queanbeyan library, to review the layout and operations of the library. This will improve functionality of the library and provide a better user experience.

We are currently finalising designs before seeking tenders for the construction work.


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