Bungendore Flood Risk Management Plan

  • Project typeCapital works
  • Project value$840,000
  • Project scheduleImplementation Measure 1 to be completed by end of December 2020
  • Contractor nameGuideline ACT
Location of flood plain works in Bungendore

Implementation Measure 1

We have engaged a contractor to carry out the Bungendore Flood Risk Management Plan Implementation Measure 1 works. This involves vegetation clearing and reshaping of where the Turallo and Halfway Creeks meet, to reduce flooding impacts in Bungendore.

Flooding of Turallo and Halfway Creeks results in economic and social impacts to residents and business owners in Bungendore. In 2014 Council adopted a Floodplain Risk Management Plan for Bungendore which recommended a variety of flood mitigation measures be implemented. This led to the production of designs for various flood mitigation measures aimed at reducing the impacts of flooding in Bungendore. The Measure 1 flood mitigation works will enhance the capacity for floodwaters to escape more rapidly from the confluence of Turallo and Halfway Creeks during major flood events.

The project will receive funding from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) under the 2019/20 Natural Disaster Resilience Program’s Floodplain Grants Scheme. Under the funding agreement Council will provide 1/3 of the funding.

Project schedule

  • Vegetation clearing (weeds and non-native species)
  • Excavation works to reshape the creek embankments
  • Revegetation which will involve planting native trees and shrubs



Confluence of Turallo and Halfway Creeks – near the intersection of Bungendore Road and Molonglo Street, Bungendore, Bungendore 2621  View Map

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