Bungendore Floodplain Risk Management

  • Project typeCapital works
  • Project scheduleTo be completed 2019
  • Contractor namePublic Works NSW

The Bungendore Floodplain Risk Management Plan was adopted by the former Palerang Council at their meeting held on 6 November 2014. We have been working towards implementing the recommendations in the plan. Geotechnical investigations were completed on Wednesday 1 November 2017. An Aboriginal and European Heritage assessment has been conducted with detailed investigations to be completed in the future.

A detailed survey is currently being conducted with the first phase of the survey on Council owned property. The second stage will cover all remaining areas and is expected to commence in mid to late November 2017. The detailed survey will pick up the topography of the ground, below ground utilities, boundaries, trees and other points of interest.

All of the data from these investigations will be used to produce concept designs of the flood mitigation works.

Current scope of works:

Stage 1

  • Geotechnical investigation - site inspection completed
  • Detailed survey - in progress
  • Environmental, European and Aboriginal Heritage assessments - in progress

Stage 1A

  • Investigation of vegetation clearing and creek reshaping at the confluence of Turallo and Halfway Creeks - in progress

Stage 2

  • Concept designs

Stage 2A

  • Community consultation

Stage 2B

  • Concept designs updated and report finalised