Council inspects food premises

Published on 04 September 2017

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Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council has completed the annual Food Surveillance Activity Report for 2016-17.

Council submits an annual enforcement activity report to the NSW Food Authority each year. This is the first full financial year in which inspections in both the former Palerang and former Queanbeyan were conducted by Council’s own Environmental Health Officers which has provided a greater consistency across the Local Government Area.

“Council has a maturing and improving relationship with food businesses and we continue to work with them to improve food safety standards,” Service Manager, Natural Landscapes and Health, Natasha Abbott said.

“Our Environmental Health Officers regularly provide advice to food business owners and their staff. During inspections they help improve food safety and prevent future breaches of the food standards code.”

“We prefer to educate first and engage with business owners to improve practices, before entering into any enforcement.”

Food Business Profile

Number of high risk food businesses


Number of medium risk food businesses


Number of low risk food businesses



High risk businesses include premises that handle open food that require temperature control and includes the cooking and serving of meals at restaurants, takeaways, cafes, clubs/pubs, bakeries and school canteens. Medium risk businesses include premises which require food preparation and where temperature control is still important such as service stations and greengrocers.

Low risk premises do not require inspection except in the case of complaint or incident and includes newsagents and chemists that generally sell only pre-packaged food which does not require temperature control.

In 2016-17, 172 inspections were conducted at high and medium risk food businesses. Two businesses were not inspected due to seasonal/intermittent operation.

Council officers investigated a total of 23 food complaints. All complaints were related to single events which did not require further in-depth investigations. Three penalty notices were issued, which is a final resort for Council and results in the businesses being listed on a public website.

Enforcement action

Number of Warnings issued


Number of Improvement Notices issued


Number of Penalty Notices issued


Number of Seizure Notices issued


Number of Prohibition Orders served


Number of Prosecutions determined relating to Food Act breaches


While business participation in the NSW Food Authority’s ‘Score on Doors’ program is voluntary, Council recorded the following food safety rating scores:

Food Business Inspection Scored Outcomes

5 Star rating (0-3 points)


4 Star rating (4-8 points)


3 Star rating (9-15 points)


0 Star rating (16+ points)


Council looks forward to continuing to work with food businesses in Queanbeyan-Palerang to ensure high standards of food safety.