Council supports Bungendore High School pending further consultation

Published on 28 August 2020

Bungendore High School artists impression of masterplan

Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council has provided in principle support for the Department of Education’s proposal to construct a new Bungendore high school on a portion of Mick Sherd Oval and Council’s Majara Street properties.

In providing in principle support, Council authorised CEO Peter Tegart to negotiate

  • A more favourable financial contribution to QPRC for the construction of a new swimming pool and new front office
  • Terms for a joint use agreement for Mick Sherd Oval with the oval remaining under Council management and the Department of Education making an annual contribution to its maintenance, with the agreement to also include courts, reserve, library, school performance hall, and sports hub
  • Modify respective plans of management on a cost recovery basis

Following the negotiations, Council will receive a further report for consideration.

“The proposal from the Department of Education has raised many questions within the community and Council,” Queanbeyan-Palerang Mayor, Cr Tim Overall said.

“The Department has informed Council that after a review of a number of sites, the current proposed site is the only feasible option in the area. While it presents some challenges, Council will strive to get the best overall outcome for the Bungendore community, including ensuring that where possible there are no additional costs for Council.”

“We are keen to see progress in the Department of Education’s engagement with the Bungendore community during their current consultation process and look forward to seeing the results of that consultation.   

Pending the outcome of that community consultation, Council has also agreed in principle to the sale of its properties at 4-6 Majara Street, 10 Majara Street and the Majara Street road reserve between Turallo Terrace and Gibraltar Street, based on independent valuations.

The Abbeyfield senior housing development intended for 4-6 Majara Street is proposed to be relocated to 2 Majara Street under the Department’s proposal, was also at the forefront of Council’s resolution.

“The Abbeyfield development is important for the local community and Council will request that the Department compensate Abbeyfield for any costs incurred in planning for the site at 4-6 Majara Street and will also seek further information on the staging of the high school and options to minimise possible delay impacts on Abbeyfield,” Cr Overall said.

At the meeting, Council heard eight verbal presentations from residents concerning the high school and received seven written presentations, both for and against the proposal. To ensure all concerns are made available to the Department of Education, Council will seek approval from the authors of the written presentations before forwarding to the Department.

Council will also request a briefing for the Bungendore Locality Committee by the Department of Education.

The Department of Education is seeking community input to inform the planning of the high school. A survey is available at and closes on 11 September.