How safe is your used car?

Published on 13 October 2021

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The Used Car Safety Ratings 2021 has been published. Along with the NSW Government, we are reminding all road users that their choice of vehicle can make a huge impact.

In Queanbeyan-Palerang over 40% of the cars on our roads are more than 10 years old and the ANCAP safety rating of these vehicles is less relevant than for a new car.

ANCAP safety ratings score the performance of a new car in staged crashes with test dummies in the car.

The Used Car Safety Ratings use real crash statistics from more than 8 million police-reported road incidents to create a comprehensive score showing how well these older vehicles can protect you.

“The Used Car Safety Ratings can make a big difference when a buyer has a set budget. Two used vehicles can be very similarly priced and have quite different safety ratings. This can mean all the difference if involved in a crash,” said Joanne Wilson Ridley, Council’s Road Safety Officer.

Used cars are categorised by model and age group and are then given a star rating for their crashworthiness with 1 star being poor and 5 stars being called the ‘Safer Pick’.

This year’s report provides statistics for nearly 300 models and accounts for the vehicle’s real-world crash performance history and safety features.

You can read the report here to find out how your car holds up, or if you are looking at buying a second-hand vehicle it’s a great tool to make sure you are getting the safest car for your money.

For more information on Used Car Safety Ratings and ANCAP scores head to NSW Centre for Road Safety, or take a look at the How safe is my car webpage to check your cars rating.

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