Irresponsible pet ownership could bite your hip pocket

Published on 14 March 2019

Dog with leash - Reminder about companion animals fines image.jpg

Owning a pet is a significant responsibility – one that should never be taken lightly.

Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council is reminding pet owners that failing to take pet ownership responsibilities seriously could become quite a costly exercise.

Last year the NSW state government increased the fines for a range of matters covered by the Companion Animals Act. Some of the significant increases are:

  • Not having cat or dog microchipped - increased from $165 to $180
  • Dog or cat not registered (first and second offence) - increased from $275 to $330
  • Dog or cat non-compliance with registration notice (separate offence) - $305
  • Dog not wearing collar and nametag - $180
  • Owner/person in charge of uncontrolled dog in public place - increased from $220 to $330
  • Owner/person in charge of dog that attacks - increased from $550 to $1320
  • Cat not wearing identification - $180
  • Not delivering seized (picked up on street) dog to pound - $660
  • Failing to provide full name and address when requested - $330
  • Interfering with authorised officer identifying companion animal - $330
  • Former owner not notifying change of ownership to council - $180

Dogs need to remain on a leash unless they are in a designated off-lead area. At all times, dogs need to be under the effective control of a competent individual.

The regular comment from owners that they ‘trust their dog’ and ‘he/she always comes when I call’ won’t wash with rangers. Dogs must be on a leash, for the safety of your own dog and the safety of others in the area.

There are off-leash areas around the local government area where dogs can be exercised without their leads. Dogs must be kept on a leash on shared paths, footpaths and ovals for the safety and comfort of the general community.

More information about the changes and relevant fines is on the Office of Local Government Responsible Pet Ownership Program webpage