Platypus sightings increase with warmer weather

Published on 07 September 2018


In recent days, community members have reported sightings of platypus in both the Queanbeyan and Shoalhaven Rivers. As we move into the breeding season, the chances of seeing a platypus increases.

Council has a dedicated email address for the reporting of platypus and rakali (water rat).

“We love receiving reports of platypus sightings. When submitting your information, we really want to know the location, time and date of the sighting. If you manage to get any photos, we’d like to see those too,” Council’s Environmental Education Officer Jennie Wagner-Gorton said.

“Send your reports to We keep a record of the sightings and share the information with the Australian Platypus Conservancy. Thanks to those community members who have recently sent in reports.”

“The most likely time to see platypus and rakali is early in the morning or late in the evening.”

Rakali, often confused for platypus when swimming, can be found in our rivers and are identifiable by their distinctive white tip to their tail. Known as the Australian water-rat, they have a blunt muzzle with whiskers, hind feet that are broad and partly webbed, and a tail that is well-furred and thick to help serve as a rudder.