Rabbit baiting program on Queanbeyan golf course

Published on 02 May 2018

Rabbit baiting program 2018

Queanbeyan residents are being advised that a rabbit control baiting program will be undertaken on the river reserve adjacent the Queanbeyan golf course between 7 and 11 May 2018.

Council has been approached by the Queanbeyan Golf Club about the nuisance feral rabbits are creating by damaging greens, digging up fairways and creating erosion concerns along the river bank.

QPRC Manager of Natural Landscapes and Health, Natasha Abbott warned that poisoning will occur on a strip of land at the back nine of the golf course beside the Queanbeyan River.

“The rabbit baiting will be in a reserve that connects the Greenleigh fire trail with the golf club’s practice fairway that is adjacent to the suspension bridge.

“Council staff have been working with the golf club to investigate options for control techniques which are limited due to the sensitive location of the burrows along the river bank, proximity to platypus burrows, species specificity and public safety.

“Pindone poison has been considered the only practical control method,” Ms Abbott said.

Pindone is approved for use in urban areas. To be effective the pindone baits need to be ingested by rabbits over several nights of feeding, at least three times.

Queanbeyan Golf Club have constructed bait stations which are fenced off sections along the golf course restricting non-target species from the poison. These fenced areas will be clearly marked and signposted.

All persons walking their dog through the area should have their dog on a lead. Temporary ‘poisoning in progress’ and ‘dog on-lead signs’ will be erected on the fire trail and along the golf course for a period of four weeks after the last baiting.

The transition between Council land and golf course means that the rabbit control issue is a matter for both parties.