Planning and reporting

QPRC is responsible for implementing priority weed control programs, including planning, education, training, inspection, enforcement and reporting. Council also works with the regional weeds committee to deliver the NSW Weeds Action Program via regional and local management programs.

Weeds Action Program

The NSW Weeds Action Program is a NSW Government initiative to reduce the impact of weeds through implementation of the NSW Invasive Species Plan and the NSW Biosecurity Strategy. 

In south east NSW the South East Weeds Action Program 2020-25 has been submitted by the lead agency South East Local Land Services, with oversight from the South East Regional Weeds Committee. QPRC is an active member of the South East Weeds Action Program and regional committee.

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Weed risk assessment

There will never be enough money or time to do everything that needs to be done, so we need to prioritise. 

There are too many weeds, there is too little money and too few of us to get rid of all the weeds. We need to know which weeds are the most important and to aim our management at them and then work back gradually to the lesser important ones.

The NSW Weed Risk Management system is an established way of doing this. However, it has some limitations when applied to local infestations and QPRC have initiated a project to develop a revised system aimed at helping better determine biosecurity duty at more localised scales.

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Weed mapping

In order to effectively plan, monitor and report on weed management we need good mapping systems. Council takes a spatial information system approach to the effective planning and reporting of inspection and control programs. Many of Council’s weed management activities must now be reported to the Biosecurity Information System used by the NSW Government to monitor compliance, extension, control and inspection activities across the State. 

QPRC’s Biosecurity program also maintains a fleet of professional survey drones, primarily used for mapping weeds at priority asset protection sites to improve management planning and monitoring. QPRC hold a remotely piloted aircraft operator's certificate and have four staff with a remote pilot licence.

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