WeedsCon 2020

WeedsCon 2020 presents a series of short stories on biosecurity weed planning, assessment, education, surveillance and control. Watch them all in less than an hour.

View the entire playlist below, or expand the topic headings underneath it to find individual stories of interest. 


Education and surveillance


What is a weed? - Not all weeds are equal and a risk management assessment can determine their priority and the level of control needed

Weed inspection procedure - What does it mean if a Biosecurity Weed Officer is coming to inspect your land for weeds?

No Space 4 Weeds @ My Place - Wouldn’t it be great if you could enter your address and get a customised list of priority weeds and information on what level of control you need to do? Watch this space.

Prevent and eradicate new weeds - There are a lot of new weeds surrounding our region that we are trying to keep out, and if we find them they must be eradicated

Eradicating Fireweed - Fireweed has been found at more than 30 sites in the Queanbeyan-Palerang region, most of which have been eradicated with a few still being controlled.

Gorsebusters – Search and Destroy - Drones, kayaks, AATV, extreme bushwalking - the search is on along two remote rivers where Gorse may have spread from infestations found upstream

Keeping an eye on Ox-eye daisy - A strategic project to raise awareness about this sleeper weed and find isolated infestations in the south east before it is too late

Noxious weed zombie - All noxious weeds are dead and gone. Or so we hoped

Planning and reporting

QPRC Weeds Action Program -  Explore the many parts of the local education, surveillance and enforcement program.

South East Weeds Action Program - The new 2020-25 regional program will guide and support local Council programs and cross-border collaboration for the next 5 years.

Droning on about weed mapping - Learn how the first Council to be CASA certified as an operator of remote pilot aircraft are mapping weeds from drones.

Localised weed risk assessment system - This strategic project aims to improve the NSW Weed Risk Management System to better enable more localised assessment of weed infestations.

Beefing up Braidwood - This strategic project developed and implemented an agricultural asset protection plan and supported the local community during drought.

Protecting priority economic assets - This strategic project is mapping priority agricultural assets across south east NSW and evaluating the potential economic impacts from weeds.

Protecting priority environmental assets - This strategic project is mapping priority environmental assets across south east NSW and enabling the assessment of potential impacts from weeds.

QPRC weed control program - Council has an ongoing seasonal program to control priority weeds on land that it owns and manages

Weed Control

Control African boxthorn - How to identify and control African boxthorn.

Control African lovegrass - How to identify and control African lovegrass

Control Blackberry - How to identify and control Blackberry

Control Broom - How to identify and control Scotch (also known as English) broom and Cape broom

Control Chilean needlegrass - How to identify and control Chilean needlegrass.

Control Fireweed - How to identify and control Fireweed.

Control Gorse - How to identify and control Gorse.

Control Madeira vine - How to identify and control Madeira vine.

Control Ox-eye daisy - How to identify and control Ox-eye daisy.

Control Serrated tussock - How to identify and control Serrated tussock.

Control St John's wort - How to identify and control St John's wort.