No Name Lane Exhibitions

No Name Lane

Annie Lok  'Rabbit Holes' 2024

Do you feel the need to escape? From society and the natural environment? The flesh and bone of our body, or the barriers of the mind?

The Rabbit Holes series was born out of a need to break free, evolve and survive during physical and psychological hardship. Each work is a choice, as the viewer, like Alice, follows the white rabbit down the hole and explore the Wonderland beyond. Passing from familiar to unfamiliar spaces, the female figures seen in each work move gracefully or awkwardly, into or out of black voids that appear in these photo collaged worlds. Rabbit Holes draw on themes imbued in social politics such as classism and religion, feminism, and the environment, that eventually impact on our wellbeing, from feeling insignificant or validated in the space we find ourselves in.

The images in this exhibition are for sale. Contact Gallery Director Cheryl Hannah, fYRE Gallery, Braidwood. E | M | 0429 666 619