Place Management

Place management is the practice of making places better or to maintain a desired standard that has already been reached. Place management is achieved through a range of programmes and can be undertaken by private, public or voluntary organisations, or a mixture of these. It’s about working together on ideas and common goals, communicating with each other about the things that will strengthen the community as a whole. Place management can foster closer relationships with the people who live, work and recreate within a particular place.

We have a Place Management team that sits within the Business & Innovation unit and works across our organisation, as well as with the community to help make places better.

What is Placemaking?

Placemaking is a shared process of creating lively neighbourhoods and public spaces that are inviting, vibrant and safe. It’s more than good urban design, it’s about strengthening the connection between people and place.

Why Placemaking?

Placemaking benefits the wider community by fostering community goodwill, and benefits businesses, investors, developers and property owners by providing opportunities to co-create places that people love, where they feel a strong sense of ownership and a commitment to making things better.

We want to ensure local places are valued by the community and admired by visitors. We want to co-create a place that is welcoming, vibrant and safe, but equally as important a place that is authentic and truly reflects our heritage and our future. 

You can contact our placemaking team on: 6285 6308.