Committee Representatives

Organisational Committees

You can download the Terms of Reference for each committee by clicking on the committee name.

Committee Council Representatives
Community Representatives
Australia Day and Community Awards Committee(PDF, 46KB)
Mayor, Cr Macdonald, Director Community, Arts and Recreation,  Coordinator Performing Arts and Culture N/A
Australia Day Organising Committee(PDF, 61KB) Cr Grundy, Cr Macdonald, Director Community, Arts and Recreation and Coordinator Performing Arts and Culture
Five community representatives to be appointed from community groups
GM Performance Review Committee(PDF, 35KB) Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Cr Willis, Cr Biscotti Peter Harrison
Dangerous Dog Panel(PDF, 166KB) Cr Wilson (alternate Cr Biscotti), Director Development and Environment, Manager Environment and Compliance

Statutory Commmittees

Council representatives
Community representatives
Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee *
Cr Biscotti (alternate Cr Wilson)
Ms Rhonda Wheatley (Chair), Ms Carolyn Rosetta-Walsh, Ms Diana Hamono
Dargues Reef Community Consultative Committee Cr Preston (alternate Cr Willis), and staff  
Integrated Water Cycle Management Project Reference Group Cr Wilson, and staff (IWCM Project Manager)  
Lake George Bush Fire Management Committee  Cr Macdonald, and LEMO   
Lake George District Liaison Committee  Cr Preston, CEO RFS representatives
Lake George Emergency Management Committee (meets quarterly) Director Infrastructure Services (Chair) (State Emergency & Rescue Management Act 1989),TBC
Local Traffic Committee Cr Livermore (alternate Cr Winchester), and Portfolio GM Community Connections  
Old Cooma Road Holcim Quarry Consultative Committee Cr Willis


* QPRC Audit  Risk and Improvement Committee

QPRC has an established ARIC that has operated since 2016.

The ARIC is an advisory committee to Council and plays a pivotal role in the governance framework by providing Council with independent oversight and monitoring of Council's audit processes, including internal control activities.

The ARIC achieves its independence by having a majority of independent members (currently three independent members that are external to Council and its operation) and one councillor.

Membership is based on a four-year term with the possibility for extension for another 4 year term.  

The ARIC operates under a Council endorsed Charter which is reviewed on an annual basis.

You can read the Charter here(PDF, 75KB).

ARIC Committee minutes


  1. December 2023 minutes(PDF, 50KB)
  2. September 2023 minutes(PDF, 117KB)
  3. June 2023 minutes(PDF, 65KB)
  4. March 2023 minutes(PDF, 133KB)


  1. November 2022 minutes(PDF, 44KB)
  2. September 2022 minutes(PDF, 60KB)
  3. June 2022 minutes(PDF, 38KB)
  4. March 2022 minutes(PDF, 152KB)


  1. December 2021 minutes(PDF, 66KB)
  2. September 2021 minutes(PDF, 55KB)
  3. June 2021 minutes(PDF, 62KB)
  4. March 2021 minutes(PDF, 45KB)


  1. December 2020 minutes(PDF, 177KB)
  2. September 2020 minutes(PDF, 60KB)
  3. May 2020 minutes(PDF, 61KB)
  4. February 2020 minutes(PDF, 54KB)



Advisory Committees

You can download the Terms of Reference for each committee by clicking on the committee name.

* These committees do not have their own Terms of Reference. They are based on requirements set out by the NSW Statement Government (Department of Planning and Environment).

Committee Council Representatives
Community Representatives  Meeting Frequency
Braidwood Floodplain Risk Management Committee * Cr Willis, Cr Winchester David Cargill, Ben Gleeson  As required
Bungendore Floodplain Risk Management Committee * Cr Grundy, Cr Preston and staff Dave Turner, Ellanor Pavlovich, Ian Marsh, Sally Clear As required
Bungendore Town Centre and Environs Committee(PDF, 90KB) Cr Grundy (alternate Cr Burton)
Andrew Riley, Alan Longhurst, Peter Evans, Lesley Harris, Graham Judge, Brent Riseborough, Gary Harb
Cultural Development and Public Arts Advisory Committee(PDF, 60KB)   Cr Livermore, Cr Preston
Kristy Griffin, Helen Ferguson, Helen Musa, Bill Waterhouse, Cveta Taleski, Ali Clinch, Rose Marin, Dennis Mortimer Quarterly
QPRC Access Committee(PDF, 86KB)
Cr Biscotti, alt Cr Wilson Athol Callaghan, Jim Fowler, Laura Hurley, Judit Kovacs, Ciara McKillop, Timothy McKellop, Helen Stig, Naomi Taylor, Bob McAlister, Annette Bell
Environment and Sustainability Advisory Committee(PDF, 56KB)   Cr Willis and Cr Wilson
Tom Baker, Margaret Sewell, Carolyn Larcombe, Tony Hill, Daryl Crapp and Felicity Sturgiss Bi-monthly
First Nations Advisory Committee(PDF, 58KB)
Cr Willis, Cr Macdonald, Manager Community and Recreation, Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer
Daphne Booth, Nevada Brown, Karen Cullen, Arika Errington, Skyan Fernando, Kristin Franks (Auntie Matilda House's representative), Lea Palij, Trisha Williams Bi-monthly 
PCYC Advisory Committee Cr Winchester, Cr Biscotti  TBC TBC
Queanbeyan Flood Management Committee * Cr Wilson, Cr Livermore David Dawson  As required
QPRC Heritage Advisory Committee(PDF, 86KB)   Cr Willis (alternate Cr Taskovski), QPRC Heritage Advisor, Director Development and Environment Hollie Gill, David Loft, Margaret Tuckwell, Jennifer Bird, Lorba Drewry, Ann Rocca, Andrew Riley, Sue Whelan Bi-monthly
Queanbeyan Showground Advisory Committee(PDF, 49KB) Cr Wilson, Cr Macdonald
Kyol Booth-Hunt and Kim Holden As required
Queanbeyan Sporting Gallery Committee(PDF, 106KB) Cr Livermore, Manager Community and Recreation
Phillip Hawke, Sepi Hawke and Hugh Percy As required
Sister City Committee(PDF, 52KB) Cr Taskovski and Director Community, Arts and Recreation Sue Whelan, Tracey Bell and Allan Carpenter  
Sports Council(PDF, 93KB) Cr Wilson (Chair), Cr Biscotti, alternate Cr Taskovski, Coordinator Recreation
QPRC Sports Clubs
Quarterly (February, May, August and November)
Youth Advisory Council(PDF, 118KB)   Cr Winchester (alternate Cr Livermore)
Imogen Warren, Juverna Guinane, Shreya Bajgain, Cassandra Franklin, Emily Anne Griffiths, Jackson Barclay, Bailey Moss, Erin Burstow, Caitlin McCutcheon, Ivy Ross, Saraya Kates, Grace Deweske Quarterly

S.355 Committees

Committee Community Representative
Araluen Area Committee
Laurann Yen
Cr Winchester 
Braidwood Common  John Tuckwell Cr Willis
Braidwood National Theatre and Community Centre
Richard Elliott
Cr Preston 
Braidwood Recreation Ground
George Sherriff
Cr Preston 
Braidwood Showground Reserve Trust
Grant Coe
Cr Grundy 
Bungendore School of Arts
Andrew Riley
Cr Preston 
Bungendore War Memorial
Sue Smith
Cr Grundy 
Burra/Cargill Park Reserves
Rob Hurley
Cr Wilson 
Canning Close Reserve
Peter Evans
Cr Burton 
Captains Flat Area
Elizabeth Estbergs
Cr Winchester 
Carwoola/Stoney Creek Community Hall
Lyn McKeahnie
Cr Willis 
Fernleigh Park
Colleen Krestensen
Cr Macdonald
Greenways Bill Taylor
Cr Willis 
Hoskinstown Hall
Rowan Simpkin
Cr Macdonald
Les Reardon Reserve
Kerry Cox
Cr Grundy 
Mongarlowe Hall    Cr Winchester 
Mick Sherd Oval Canteen
Tony Rayner
Nerriga Sports Ground Reserve Trust
Helen Rolland
Cr Livermore 
Royalla Common
Geoff Paterson
Cr Willis 
Wamboin Community Hall
Tim Barter
Cr Burton 
  1. Download the S.355 Committee Guidelines here(PDF, 427KB)
  2. Download the S.355 Committee Delegations here(PDF, 161KB)

Regional Committees

Council Representatives
Meeting Frequency
ACT-NSW Cross Border Illegal Dumping Steering Committee Portfolio GM Connections or delegate As required
ACT and Region Catchment Management Coordination group CEO or delegate
Canberra Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group Cr Macdonald and CEO or delegate Quarterly
Canberra Joint Organisation (CBRJO) Cr Winchester and CEO
Community Safety Precinct Committee – Monaro Local Area Command Cr Burton and Livermore (alternate Cr Grundy) and staff (Program Coordinator Events and Marketing)
As required
Queanbeyan-Palerang Library Service - NSW Public Library zone
Cr Macdonald (alternate Cr Willis), Service Manager Community and Education
As required
Regional Cities NSW  Mayor and CEO  
South East Australia Transport Strategy (SEATS)  Cr Winchester (alternate Cr Preston) and Portfolio GM Community Connections   
Southern Regional Planning Panel Cr Preston (alternate Cr Wilson)
As required
South-East Weight of Loads Group Portfolio GM Community Connections As required
Southern Tablelands Arts Board Portfolio GM Community Choice, Cr Preston (alternate Cr Livermore)
As required
WaterNSW (Local Government Reference Panel) Staff As required
Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Network Staff Quarterly
Woodlawn Eco-Precinct Community Liaison Committee (Veolia) Cr Preston