Role of Council

What are we responsible for?

Your local Council regulates and manage services and activities including:

  • Local roads, footpaths, cycle ways, street signage, and lighting
  • Waste management including rubbish collection and recycling
  • Parking
  • Recreational facilities including parks, sporting fields and swimming pools
  • Cultural facilities including libraries, art galleries, museums
  • Services including childcare, aged care and accommodation
  • Water and sewerage
  • Town planning
  • Building approvals and inspections
  • Domestic animal regulation

What is State Government responsible for?

 The NSW State government regulates and manage services and activities including:

  • Utilities such as electricity and water supply
  • Roads and Railways
  • Police
  • Mining and Agriculture
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Forests
  • Community Services
  • Prisons
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Ambulance service
  • Public transport
  • Land and coast care programs
  • Domestic animal regulation

The State also sets out what powers are given to local councils to look after the needs of local communities.

Council Committees

For a list of Council committees and delegates please click here