Corporate Structure

Transition Structure

This organisation is led by Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Ryan. Four Portfolio General Managers report to the CEO. You can also download a PDF version of the structure here(PDF, 35KB) .  

QRPC Organisational Structure

The Community Choice Portfolio incorporates Culture, Community, Education and Recreation Services, the Natural and Built Character Portfolio incorporates Development, Parks, Environmental Health, Sustainability and Strategic Planning Services, the Community Connections Portfolio incorporates Roads and Transport, Water, Sewer, Waste and Asset and Facilities Management Services, and the Organisation Capability Portfolio incorporates HR, Finance, Technology, Customer, Risk, and Property Services.

The structure has been developed around five strategic directions. The strategic directions are for a safe, harmonious, happy and healthy community leading fulfilled lives; a diverse resilient and smart economy that creates choice and job opportunities; a clean, green community that cherishes its natural and physical character; a well-connected community with good infrastructure enhancing quality of life; and a capable organisation that leads a community which is engaged and participative.