Pool & Spa Safety

1. Overview

If you own a pool or rent a property with a pool or spa, you have obligations and responsibilities under NSW law.

2. Your Legal Obligations

All swimming pools and spa pools in NSW are required to be registered online under the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

Register your pool online

Any property with a spa or pool that is sold or leased in NSW must also have a current Compliance Certificate. Compliance Certificates are valid for a three-year period.

Compliance inspections can be undertaken by Council or private certifiers that are approved by the Building Professionals Board.

Request a Council compliance certificate inspection(PDF, 652KB)

A fee of $150.00 applies and must be paid before an inspection takes place.

3. Book a Free Advisory Inspection

Be alerted to any problems you need to fix through our free advisory inspection service.

Call us on: 1300 735 025 to book your free advisory pool fencing inspection.

4. Your Responsibilities

Under the Swimming Pools Act 1992 the owner of a swimming pool has the responsibility to ensure that the pool is at all times surrounded by a compliant child-resistant pool safety barrier. We conduct safety inspections on all domestic pools to ensure fencing is provided around pools in accordance with state legislation.

Conduct a regular safety check:

  • Are there adequate pool safety barriers in place separating the pool from the residence, adjoining properties and the neighbourhood?
  • Are these barriers compliant with current legislation?
  • Are pool safety barriers well maintained and operating? Check gates are self-closing and self-latching.
  • Are children supervised at all times when using the swimming pool?
  • Are pool gates kept closed at all times?
  • Are articles, objects and structures at least 900mm clear of the pool fence at all times? This includes BBQs, chairs and pot plants.

To ensure your pool is compliant see the relevant regulations and standards:

Copies of all of these documents can be found at our Customer Service counters.

5. Water Safety and Resuscitation

Additional information can be obtained from our Environmental Health team on: 1300 735 025