Googong Recycled Water

Googong Recycled water plant equipment
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Recycled water is provided in Googong township though the so-called ‘purple pipe’ network. 

The ‘purple pipe’ network and water treatment plant, developed in partnership with Googong Township developers PEET, will help to drought-proof Googong by providing recycled water for public green spaces, residential lawns and gardens, and flushing of toilets.

We have developed a booklet titled “A guide to everything you need to know about recycled water in Googong”  which was mailed to all households. You can also download a copy here.(PDF, 1MB)

What can recycled water provided through the purple pipes be used for

  • flushing toilets
  • watering lawns and gardens
  • washing cars, brickworks and windows
  • watering fruit and vegetable gardens (recommend washing with potable water prior to eating)
  • watering sportsfields and parks
  • as well as for fighting fires

What can’t you use recycled water for

  • Drinking
  • Cooking and other kitchen uses
  • Bathing (bath, showers, hand basins)
  • Filling pools and spas
  • Cooling systems
  • Hot water systems
  • Playing (sprinklers, filling water toys)
  • Household cleaning, including washing machines

Where is recycled water being used?

Recycled water is used to irrigate public parks and sports fields. All taps that supply recycled water are fitted with a “Not suitable for drinking” sign.


For any work on your household plumbing systems, make sure you use an accredited Backflow Plumber. This will ensure that your systems are installed correctly and reduce the risk of cross connection between water systems.

We are recommending that a cross connection check be completed to prepare for recycled water.

Check your home’s recycled water connections

  1. Turn off the drinking water supply at your property’s meter and rainwater tank pump or valve.
  2. Turn on all internal drinking water taps. Taps should run dry. Once the tap runs dry, turn it back off.
  3. Flush all toilets. Toilets should refill if connected to recycled water supply.
  4. Turn on your external taps. Your drinking water tap should run dry. Taps continuing to run are connected to recycled water supply and should be coloured purple and marked with appropriate signs.
  5. Turn your drinking water supply back on.

Check your home’s drinking water connections

  1. Turn off your recycled water supply at your property’s purple meter and rainwater tank pump or valve. Run recycled water supply outlets dry via your purple external taps or by flushing toilets.
  2. Turn on internal drinking water taps, such as the shower or kitchen sink. If these taps do not flow, they are connected to the incorrect supply.
  3. Turn your recycled water supply back on at your property’s purple water meter.

If you ran the test and didn’t get the expected results, please contact Council immediately on 1300 735 025.

Factsheets available for download

Out factsheets explain everything you need to know about our recycled water in Googong.