Current Tenders

 We undertake our procurement activities in accordance with NSW Local Government Act 1993 and Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (Part 7 - Tendering). All our open tenders are advertised on the Tenderlink website.

Current tenders

Our open tenders are advertised on the Tenderlink website which can be accessed via the button below.

Tenderlink website

Recently Opened Tenders

Tender  name - Design Aquatic Centre - Bungendore Sports Hub
Tender number - QPRC-1082026
Closing date 7 February 2024 | Opened at 8.40am 8 February 2024

No Tenderer details
1 Andrew Burges Architects
2 BNMH Architects Pty Ltd
3 Cox Architecture Pty Ltd
4 DWP Australia Pty Ltd
5 Facility Design Group
6 Michael Davies Architecture Pty Ltd
7 Mode Design
Rice Construction Group Pty Ltd


Tender name - QPRC Asset Review and Update - Asset Assessment and Valuation
Tender number - QPRC-1076633
Closing date 22 November 2023 | Opened at 3.05pm 22 November

No Tendering Company
 1  APP Corporation Pty Limited
 2  Arup Australia Pty Ltd
 3  Beca Pty Ltd
 4  Stantec Australia Pty Ltd trading as Cardno Qld Pty Ltd
 5  CT Management Group
 6  Liquid Pacific Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Liquid Pacific
 7  PPE Valuations NSW Pty Ltd

Tender name - Asphalt Resurfacing 2023-2024
Tender number - 2023-31
Closing date 21 November 2023 | Opened at 4.00pm 21 November

No Tendering Company
1 Capital Civil Works Pty Ltd
2 Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd
3 NSW Building and Civil Pty Ltd
4 Patches Asphalt
5 Twin City Asphalting

Tender name - QPRC Bungendore Town Centre Place Plan
Tender number - QPRC-1076169
Closing date 16 November 2023 | Opened at 9.10am 16 November 2023

No Tendering Company
1 Arkilab APS
2 Complete Urban Pty Ltd
3 Context Landscape Design Pty Ltd
Hatch Design Pty Ltd
5 Mecone NSW Pty Ltd
6 Moir Landscape Architecture Pty Ltd
7 Oxigen
8 Place Logic
9 Rhelm Pty Ltd

Tender name -Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing
Tender number - QPRC-2023-28
Closing date 13 November 2023 | Opened at 10am 13 November 2023

No Tendering Company
1 Downer EDI Limited
2 Patches Asphalt
3 Rural Bitumen Services
Twin City Asphalting