Roads and Footpaths

1. Road maintenance

We are responsible for around 1,600 kilometres of road throughout the local government area. 763km is unsealed and the remaining 851km is sealed in various formats. We hold an ongoing contract with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for the provision of road maintenance and construction services on the State road network within our local government area and part of the Goulburn Mulwaree local government area.

2. Grading Schedule for Unsealed Roads

Council undertakes grading of unsealed roads in accordance with the Unsealed Road Maintenance - Grading Policy.(PDF, 190KB) The grading schedule takes into account factors impacting on the performance of the road network including traffic, terrain, budget and gravel quality and quantity.

The schedule indicates the roads to be graded. However, there are times (e.g. during prolonged wet or dry weather) where the condition of unsealed roads may deteriorate and motorists will need to drive to the prevailing conditions. It should be noted that this schedule is only a guide and may be affected by weather and availability of resources.

October Grading

Monthly grading schedule 

Road name Last graded
Little Burra Road 1 June 2017
Dolomite Drive 21 June 2015
Woodfield Road  28 July 2014
Copper Creek Road  29 July 2014
Douglas Close  7 June 2013
Old Mines Road  19 September 2016
Pollack Road  26 July 2016
Gum Flat Lane  12 December 2016
Steepers Lane  1 December 2012
Kalbilli Close  2 March 2017
Malua Lane  19 March 2014
Majara Street  6 February 2017
Beverly Hills Road  5 July 2018
Railway Crescent  5 July 2018
Rutledge Street 6 July 2018
Williamsdale Road 5 June 2020
Burra Road 12 March 2020
Urila Road 18 May 2020
Kewong Lane 27 March 2019
Butmaroo Road 2 April 2020
Manar-Mulloon Road 17 April 2020
Boro Road  8 May 2020
Lake Road 21 May 2020
The Forest Road 26 May 2020


Download the unsealed road grading schedule here(PDF, 180KB).

Should road users identify a particular problem or are concerned about the significant deterioration of a road, please contact us and we will arrange for an inspection. You can also report this online here.

Completed maintenance road grading

Road Name Completion Date Distance
Mayfield Cross Road 1 July 2020 1.34
Taradale Road 1 July 2020 3.21
Fisher Road 3 July 2020 1.1
Telegraph Hill Road 3 July 2020 .86
Stewarts Crossing Road 6 July 2020 8.48
Nerriga Road 8 July 2020 9.75
Mooneys Road  8 July 2020 1.55
Collector Road  17 July 2020 5.98
Endrick River Road 21 July 2020 4.43
Lake George Road 23 July 2020 5.21
Roberts Road 23 July 2020 .25
Willow Forest Road 24 July 2020 5.61
Harts Road 3 August 2020 2.95
Cooma Road 6 August 2020 21.27
Jerrabattgulla Road  6 August 2020 12.72
Taylors Creek Road 17 August 2020 4.76
Hoskinstown Road 18 August 2020 4.4
Hereford Hall Road 18 August 2020 8.95
Western Leg Road 18 August 2020 4.11
Woolcara Lane  25 August 2020 5.22
Kain Cross Road 25 August 2020 7.84
Hoskinstown Road 26 August 2020 .05
Hazeldell Road 1 September 2020 5.16
OBriens Road 3 September 2020 2.72
Hoskinstown Road  4 September 2020 4.83
Captains Flat Road 11 September 2020 19.94
Gidleigh Lane 11 September 2020 6.82
Rossi Road 11 September 2020 6.16

3. Local roads resealing and rehabilitation program

Each year we undertaken resealing and rehabilitation of the local road network. Work is completed between the months of October-March each year.


Bombay Road Captains Flat Road Reservoir Lane Reseal
Coronation Avenue Royds Avenue Garvey Street Rehabilitation
Coronation Avenue Garvey Street Services Club Reseal
Lascelles Street Hassall Circuit Ryrie Street Reseal
Lascelles Street Wallace Street Monkittee Street Reseal
Majors Creek Road Araluen Road Hill Street - Majors Creek Reseal
Monkittee Wilsons Street End Reseal
Royds Lane Coronation Avenue Un-named Lane Reseal
Ryrie Street  Coghill Street MacKellar Street Reseal
Sandholes Road Bombay Road Locked gate Reseal
Victory Street Coronation Street Wilson Street Reseal
Wilson Street Wallace Street Monkittee Street Reseal


Greenhill Lane Kings Highway End of seal Reseal
Lundie Street McCusker Street End Reseal


London Bridge Road Burra Road End of seal Reseal
Plummers Road Burra Road End of seal Reseal


Bungendore Road  Summerhill Road Doust Road Reseal
Donnelly Road Federal Highway End Reseal

Captains Flat

Old Miners Road  Miners Road End of seal Rehabilitation


Clydesdale Road  Captains Flat Road Clydesdale Road (TBC) Reseal
Little Whiskers Road Captains Flat Road Yilgarn Road Reseal


Lake George Road  Collector Road End of seal Reseal


Briars Sharrow Road  Captains Flat Road Plains Road Reseal


Bluestone Gardens  Bluestone Gardens (TBC) Bluestone Gardens (TBC) Reseal
Magnolia Close Magnolia Close (TBC) Magnolia Close (TBC) Reseal
Wark Place  Balcombe Street  Wark Place Cul De Sac Reseal


Atholbar  Way Hillbar Rise Hillbar Street Reseal
Gray Place Southbar Road Queenbar Street Reseal
Grevillea Place Alanbar Street Grevillea Place Reseal


Larbert Road Kings Highway Durran Durra Creek causeway Reseal


Bendora Avenue  Crest Road/Elliott Street (TBC) Stuart Street Reseal
Kendall Avenue Lorn Road Canberra Avenue Reseal
Paterson Parade Kendall Avenue Bedford Street Reseal
Steel Place Hellmund Street Steel Place (TBC) Reseal
Vincent Street Suraci Place Lanyon Drive Reseal


Jamaleopa Road Kings Highway End of road Reseal


Oallen Road Nerriga Road Concrete causeway at Shoalhaven River Reseal


Crawford Street  Killar Street Erin Street Reseal
Faunce Street  Australis Place Thurralilly Street Reseal
Foster Street  Chapman Street Wycombe Street Reseal
Glebe Avenue Cooma Road Cameron Road Reseal
Henderson Road Campbell Street McKeahnie Reseal
High Street  Bungendore Road Pound Street Reseal
Morisset Street Lowe Street Low level bridge Rubber seal
Morton Street Campbell Street Lorn Road Reseal
Taylors Creek Road Causeway Causeway Reseal
The Crescent Surveyor Street Hobbs Street Rehabilitation
The Crescent  Hobbs Street Early Street Reseal
Waterloo Street Yass Road  High Street Reseal


Merino Vale Drive  Norton Road End Reseal
Robertson Road Fernloff Road End Reseal

4. Footpaths

We are also responsible for the maintenance of footpaths. Each year we undertake repairs, maintenance and construct new footpaths in line with our Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan.

5. CityCare

To address a shortfall in asset maintenance, the former Queanbeyan City Council gained approval for a one-off 5.8% Special Rate Variation in 2010-11. This Special Rate Variation, known as the CityCARE Levy, funds upgrades and maintenance to Queanbeyan’s roads, footpaths, parks and sportsfields.

In regards to roads, Council allocates approximately $650,000-$700,000 towards pavement rehabilitation and bitumen resealing of the Queanbeyan road network. An additional $250,000 (approximately) is allocated to footpath maintenance and replacement. This funding is on top of the regular maintenance works that Council undertakes in the Queanbeyan area.

6. Report a Problem

You can report a problem to Council, including potholes or damaged footpaths by:

  • Using the Snap Send Solve app. This is available for download at the Apple app store or Google play.
  • Report an issue online here or call us on: 1300 735 025.