Community Safety

1. Overview

We are committed to promoting a Safe and Healthy Community. This involves a working partnership between Council, Police, Emergency Services, other organisations and the community in addressing serious issues related to crime and safety within our local government area.

Community Safety Strategies

  • Community Safety Precinct Committee - Police / Council / local agencies address crime related issues
  • Community Drug Action Team - Police / Council / local agencies working to address drug and alcohol related issues
  • CCTV in Public Spaces - CCTV cameras installed at new Bus Interchange and Crawford St Taxi rank with live feed to police station
  • Liquor Licensing Committee - Police / Council / Health / Licensed Premises work together to address local issues
  • Youth Outreach Crime Prevention project - and associated early intervention youth projects
  • Safer by Design’ / Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Guidelines for Queanbeyan
  • Road Safety projects
  • Queanbeyan Domestic Violence Interagency Forum
  • Community Safety Strategy 2011 (Currently being updated)
  • Crime Prevention Plan 2013-2015(PDF, 634KB) (Currently being updated)
  • Community Sharps(PDF, 246KB)

2. Magpie Swooping Season

Magpie pairs breed in Spring (August to October) and with this comes magpie swooping season.To track aggressive magpies in your area please visit

Download more information on swooping magpies here(PDF, 237KB).

Can I Report a Nuisance Magpie

If you feel that the magpie is a serious menace you can report it to us online here or by telephoning one of our offices.