1. Braidwood Lawn Cemetery

The Braidwood Lawn cemetery is located 600m south of the centre of town in Cowper Street. It is on the northern side of the street opposite the Old General Cemetery. For more information on the Braidwood cemetery call: 02 62856183 or 0408 247 019

2. Bungendore Lawn Cemetery

The Bungendore Lawn Cemetery is located on Osborne Street, Bungendore. For more information on the Bungendore cemetery call: 02 6285 6183 or 0408 247 019.

3. Queanbeyan Cemeteries

The Queanbeyan Lawn Cemetery and Memorial Gardens are set against the lower slopes of Mount Jerrabomberra on Lanyon Drive, Jerrabomberra. Scattered gum trees have been retained in a peaceful parkland setting, formalised by the traditional avenue planting of European species. The landscape of the Cemetery is one of peace, inviting relatives and friends a place to reflect. The Cemetery is open to visitors seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

The various interment options include: Lawn Section, Lawn Services Section, Monumental Earth, Monumental Vault, Garden Crypts, Children's Section, Babies Section, Magnolia Garden, Camellia Court, Rose Garden and Bushland.

Queanbeyan’s current cemetery is nearing capacity and there is a requirement to develop a new memorial park within close distance of the major population centres. You can view more information on the proposed memorial park here.

4. Search our Cemetries

You can search the cemetery registers to locate plots in our Cemeteries. Search the cemeteries here.

For more information on the Queanbeyan cemeteries call 6285 6183 or 0408 247019.

5. Other Cemeteries

There are also cemeteries located at:

  • Majors Creek
  • Mongarlowe
  • Nerriga General Cemetery
  • Nerriga Catholic Cemetery
  • Araluen General Cemetery
  • Araluen Catholic Cemetery
  • Emu Flat/Gundillion

For more information on these cemeteries you can contact us on: 02 6285 6183 or 0408 247 019.

6. Fees and Charges

All fees are inclusive of GST

Bungendore Cemeteries  
Plot $800
Standard plaque (including freight) $1,040
Standard headstone $433
Weekday interment  $1,750
Burials on private property  $2,165
Garden interment (includes plaque) $1,125
Interment of ashes in existing plot $494
Braidwood Cemeteries  
Plot $800
Reservations only for companion allotments $1,000
Standard plaque (including freight) $1,040
Standard headstone $433
Weekday interment  $1,750
Burials on private property  $2,165
Rose garden interment (includes plaque) $1,125
Niche in wall (includes plaque) $520
Interment of ashes in existing plot $494
Queanbeyan Cemeteries - Lawn Cemeteries   
Single occupancy  $4,500
Double occupancy - 1st interment  $5,000
Double occupancy - both interments  $7,500
Second interment costs $2,500
Islamic Section - including grave box and headstone (single occupancy only) $5,540
Standard headstone and bronze plaque (including installation)  $1,610
Queanbeyan Cemeteries - Bushland Cemetery   
Rock single (ashes) $1,185
Rock double (ashes) $1,925
Single burial site - includes brown granite headstone $4,710
Queanbeyan Cemeteries - Babies' Lawn Section  
Maximum casket length 1.1 metres – up to four years of age  $810
Magnolia garden - up to 20 weeks gestation - includes plaque  $238
Islamic baby garden - up to 20 weeks gestation - includes plaque  $238
Queanbeyan Cemeteries - Children's Lawn Section   
Four to twelve years of age $1,780
Queanbeyan Cemeteries - Monumental Section  
Single occupancy  $8,000
Double occupancy - first interment $8,450
Double occupancy - both interments $11,375
Second interment costs $2,925
Vault - included ledge removal (all vaults double depth) $16,000
Ledger removal for monumental earth grave, if required $550
Queanbeyan Cemeteries - Ashes  
General/Services $954
Reservations $954
Remembrance rose garden $954
Crab apple trees $954
Relocation/removal of previously interred ashes $150
Memorial only - Methodist garden (customer to provide carved out rock and plaque)  $52
Queanbeyan Cemeteries - Ashes in new grave plot  
New plots suitable for burial - includes one ashes placement  $4,500
New plots unsuitable for burial - includes one ashes placement $1,500
Queanbeyan Cemeteries - Ashes in existing grave plot  
Lawn section $594
Monumental section Price on application
Queanbeyan Cemeteries - Riverside Cemetery  
Reserved plots, second interments and ashes placements only  Price on application
All QPRC Cemeteries - additional fees  
Cemetery administration fee  $45
Burials and Saturdays $2,010
Burials on Sundays and public holidays  $3,000
Graves exceeding standard size or depth (>2099L and/or >699W) $350
Late fee (burials that arrive 3pm-4.59pm Monday - Friday) $500
Late fee (burials that arrive after 4.59pm Monday - Friday) $800
Memorial seat metal $5,810
Memorial seat timber $3,710
Open of grave for exhumation $4,250
Probe depth (discounted off second interment - if it proceeds) $229
Search records fee $95
Subsequent plaque proofs (after the first) $67
Memorial plaque on existing council supplied memorial seat  $250

All fees and charges associated with our cemeteries are also in our 
current online version of our fees and charges which can be viewed here.

7. Closed Cemeteries

  • Braidwood Old General Cemetery
  • Bungendore Old Cemetery
  • Captains Flat
  • Queanbeyan Riverside Cemetery

If you are searching for family history records visit the www.austcemindex.com website.