Grants & Donations

1. Grant Guru

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2. Bushfire Recovery and Renewal Grants Acquittal

Click here to view form.

3. Special Heritage Fund

Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council has established a Special Heritage Fund to assist owners of churches and buildings owned or managed by community based “Not for Profit” organisations listed on the heritage schedule of Queanbeyan’s Local Environmental Plan 2012 or the Palerang Local Environmental Plan 2014 to conserve, restore and reuse their properties.

Priority will be given to public buildings, churches and buildings owned or managed by community based “Not for Profit” organisations as well as those buildings where there is a clear community or public benefit rather than a private one.  This fund is not available to owners of private properties.

Applications for the Special Heritage Fund for the 2020-21 year have now closed. Applications for the 2021-22 year will open in August 2021.

4. Local Heritage Places Grants

In conjunction with the NSW Heritage Office, a Local Heritage Places Fund has been established by Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council.  This provides grants for work on heritage properties including those listed in one of the applicable local environmental plans or on the State Heritage Register as it applies to Braidwood or to properties within a heritage conservation area in the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council Local Government Area.  The aim of the project is to encourage and support as much positive work on heritage items as possible.

Applications for the 2020-21 year have now closed. Applications will open for the 2021-22 year in August 2021.


Local community organisations are invited to apply for funding for projects or initiatives that contribute to supporting the welfare of the community. Each year through the ClubGRANTS Scheme, clubs across NSW provide tens of thousands of dollars to help support community organisations provide a range of initiatives in areas of community welfare or social services, community development, community health services or employment assistance activities. 

Applications have now closed for 2020.

For further information contact the QPRC ClubGRANTS Committee at

Tips for completing your ClubGRANTS application

  • Ensure you have completed and supplied your Standard Funding Report Form for any previous grants.
  • Read the grant guidelines before you start your application.
  • Demonstrate the direct outputs, outcomes and impact of your project for the community.
  • Be clear about what you want to achieve.
  • Use clear language and avoid jargon.
  • Present any relevant supporting material (e.g. data, supporting letters) and make sure it's presented clearly.
  • Do your homework and know the aspirations, questions and needs in the community. Pay particular attention to, and document, what projects are already running in the community, and where the gaps may be.
  • Discuss your project ideas with similar/specialist organisations in Queanbeyan, make connections with other local organisations and where possible consider and develop partnership projects.

6. Sports Assistance Scheme

As part of our commitment to local sport the Sports Assistance Scheme provides funding to local sporting groups.

The scheme is available for a wide range of assistance including:

  • Equipment Assistance
  • Special Events Assistance
  • Elite Athletes Assistance

Grants in the scheme are awarded to clubs on a dollar for dollar basis. Applications may be submitted at any time of the year, however, they will only be presented for approval at the end of May and November with $3500 available. Applications must be forwarded to the Sport and Recreation Officer by the end of May or November for an assessment. More information can be obtained from Leigh Penman who can be contacted on 02 6285 6231 or by email to

7. Cultural Arts Assistance

The aim of the Cultural Arts Assistance Scheme is to assist local arts and cultural groups to start and develop their own projects, and to improve the community’s opportunities for involvement in cultural and arts activities.

Applications are invited from cultural/community organisations for projects that meet the aim of the scheme, and can demonstrate that they are of benefit to the community through their cultural or artistic outcomes. Applications are open throughout the year, or until funds have been exhausted.

With the restrictions currently imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be unable to consider applications that include multiple person-to-person engagement and/or community group events. Examples of projects that will be considered include, but are not limited to, publication of books and calendars, development of an online community presence, live-streaming of online events and/or online engagement programs.

Applicants are advised to seek guidance and advice from our Grants Officer on (02) 6285 6044 or our Culture & Arts Team Leader on (02) 6285 6170 when making an application. 

Download a word version of the application form for the Cultural Arts Assistance Scheme here(DOCX, 49KB).

Download a PDF version of the application form for the Cultural Arts Assistance Scheme here(PDF, 201KB).

8. Annual Grants Program

Applications for our Annual Grants Program must be received by the specified date in May each year. The Scheme is open to non-profit community organisations or groups based in, or affiliated with the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council area. Applications must be for the charitable purposes of either the relief of poverty, the advancement of education or other community purposes for which there is agreement by resolution of Council. We may provide financial assistance for eligible organisations upon application each year under our Donations Policy.

Applications will not be considered until previous projects have been completed; and financial reports have been provided through the acquittal process.

The program is split into two categories as listed below: 

Category 'A' Funding


  • The relief of poverty or provision of assistance to the less advantaged through welfare.
  • Services and facilities, public health services and facilities, education services and facilities.
  • Transport services and facilities and housing
  • From time to time, Council may make funds available under its Annual Grants Program for local, not-for-profit community groups and, in some cases, individuals. The aim is to support a wide range of activities that builds community capacity, fosters social networks and information exchange, facilitates cooperation and builds on existing community strengths.

Category 'B Funding

To provide financial assistance to community not-for-profit or charitable organisations that wish to hire a Council facility but who are unable to meet the cost of hire. This grant will be non-monetary however, will be recognised financially as a donation and be recognised as income for the facility. The grant will be considered as either full or partial payment of venue hire.

9. Grants available for the community, organisations and Council

  • The Australian Government Business website also has a grant finder where you can search a comprehensive database of grants, funding and support programs that are available to help businesses to grow and succeed -
  • The Australian Government Community Grants Hub website provides a comprehensive database of community-based grants provided by the Federal Government, at
  • The 'Create NSW' Arts and Cultural Development Program – A number of funding opportunities exist under this program. For more information go to
  • The NSW Community Building Partnership Program annually provides funding for community infrastructure projects that deliver positive social, environmental and recreational outcomes, while promoting community participation, inclusion and cohesion. For more information go to -
  • ClubGRANTS
  • Multicultural NSW Grants - The Multicultural NSW Grants Program invests in community projects and activities that foster community engagement, build community harmony and social cohesion and celebrate the unique riches of our culturally diverse state. More information is available at -
  • The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage provides funding support to local and state government entities, landholders, developers, schools and educators, business and community organisations. For information go to -
  • Sports and Recreation Grants - Each year the Office of Sport provides millions in government grants to nurture sporting talent, help build sports facilities and develop the industry as a whole. For more information go to
  • Australia Council for the Arts – The council’s grants program supports a diverse range of artists, organisations, artistic practice and arts activity. For more information go to -
  • Regional Growth Fund - The Regional Growth Fund will invest in projects that facilitate regional development through six funds. Applications will be open to local government, regional organisations, industry and other community organisations. For more information go to -