Skin Penetration

Beauty and Skin Penetration

Businesses that do any skin penetration procedures such as tattooing, acupuncture, waxing or piercing are regulated under the NSW Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012. Council's Environmental Health Officers regularly inspect local skin penetration businesses.

It is a requirement that all skin penetration operators register their business details with their local Council prior to carrying out any procedures.

Download the notification for skin penetration businesses here(PDF, 388KB) .

Inspections by Council

Our Environmental Health Officers routinely inspect premises that carry out skin penetration procedures to check businesses are complying with the relevant public health standards.

Inspection Fees

Fees were introduced to contribute to the costs of inspection, administration, education and compliance services. Council approved fees are charged once per financial year for inspection of skin penetration premises. A re-inspection fee may also be charged if a non-compliant premises requires more than the approved number of inspections in one financial year.

The current inspection fees for premises with skin penetration is $150.00.* (*Note: Fees are subject to change without notice). Please contact one of our Environmental Health Officers on: 1300 735025 if you are unsure of the fees.

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