Braidwood Skate Park

  • Project typeCapital works
  • Project value$595,000 to be confirmed
  • Project scheduleAwaiting funding

Following community consultation in 2019, Council confirmed that the Braidwood Recreation Ground was the preferred location for a skate park facility in Braidwood. At the same time, Council endorsed a concept design which was developed with skate park specialists Convic and the local community with minor modifications to address water flow. 

Ensuring that the skate park is safe for users and spectators is a priority for Council. Engineers have carried out site investigations including geotechnical investigations which have been provided to Convic who have specialist engineers working on the final construction design. The final design will confirm that the skate park will not be constructed within the creek bed, but will be elevated above the water line.

Work is being undertaken at the Recreation Ground to pipe the creek, making it safer for all users of the facility, not just the future skate park. The location will provide a safe option for the community and allow families to use the various recreational elements at the park. 

Locating the skate park at the Braidwood Recreation Ground has a number of positives, which were highlighted in the community feedback received in 2019. Some of the positives include:

  • Co-locating recreational and sporting infrastructure at the Recreation Ground, complements existing services, toilets and water
  • More space for construction of a skate park
  • Further away from high vehicle traffic areas
  • Close to housing development creating safer environment for young people
  • Provides a strong sense of inclusion
  • Sufficient parking
  • Not hidden away or out of sight
  • Good central location, away from the main street
  • Opportunities for parental supervision for all family members using the Recreation Ground for various activities and sports
  • Has lighting
  • Reduced incidence of pedestrian-vehicle impacts whilst using wheeled devices
  • Site is closer to the current and future demographic centre of Braidwood 

Convic have provided estimates of approximately $595,000 to construct the skate park at the Recreation Ground.  We will consider including funding in the next Delivery Program which will be developed following the 2021 local government election. In addition, staff and the Braidwood community are working on grant funding opportunities to expedite the delivery of skate park for Braidwood. 



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