Deceased Animals and Injured Wildlife

Kangaroo joey being cared for by humans

We will arrange the collection and disposal of dead animals from Council property in the QPRC Local Government Area (e.g. roads, footpaths and reserves). We do not collect animals from private property. We remove deceased wildlife from built up areas in the QRPC area. We do not remove animals that have started to decompose and request that reports are logged within 2-3 days of the animal dying. If the animal has started to decompose, staff will cover the animal with top soil to suppress the smell and allow the animal to further decompose naturally. 

Private Property

The collection and disposal of animals from private property is the responsibility of the property owner. Animals can be taken to either:

  • ACT or Bungendore Land Fill
  • Pet Cemeteries/Crematorium

Remember to check whether there is a charge involved before taking the animal to the above locations.

Council Property

If the animal is on Council property, Council will require the following information:

  • Location
  • Type of animal
  • Approximate size (small, medium, large)

We will endeavour to collect the animal within 24 hours of notification, 7 days a week.

What Should I Do if I Injure or Come Across an Injured Animal

If you hit or come across injured native wild life you can call Wildcare Queanbeyan on 6299 1966. In the Braidwood area you should call NARG (Native Animal Rescue Group) on 4846 1900. These numbers are 24 hour phone advice services manned by volunteers. These volunteers are trained and experienced to provide advice to the public. They will arrange for the appropriate person to rescue and care for the animal.

For great tips on what to do if you find an injured animal read Wildcare's FAQ. It covers what to do if you hit an animal, snake tips and more -


As summer creeps closer we are seeing more snakes out and about. Be aware and try to avoid snakes where possible, however, if a snake has made its home near you there are a few things you can do to discourage these protected animals. 

  • Remove any built-up piles of wood or other materials from around the house

  • Keep grass short and pathways trimmed

  • Manage poultry or aviaries to reduce mice (a food source)

If you see a snake, keep your pets as far away as possible from the snake and contact: 

  • Wildcare 6299 1966 

  • NARG on 4846 1900 

  • Canberra Snake Rescue on 0405 405 304 

Observe the snake from a safe distance until a certified snake handler arrives. For more information read

Contact Us

Please call Customer Service on: 1300 735 025 between the hours of 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday or the Animal Management Facility on: 6285 6269 between 8.30am-10am and 4-5pm Monday to Friday.

For after hours emergencies call: 1300 735 025.