Braidwood Pool refurbishment

  • Project typeCapital Works
  • Project value$1,513,600
  • Project scheduleRetiling completed July 2020
  • Contractor nameEndeavour Pools Pty Ltd
Braidwood pool

The Braidwood pool needs to be refurbished as it is well beyond the expected life cycle. We have received grant funding to assist with upgrades which will see the following work undertaken:

  • Replace underground plumbing infrastructure
  • Pool tiling - the tender to complete retiling was awarded to Endeavour Pools Pty Ltd and work was completed in July 2020
  • Refurbishment of change rooms 
  • Heating 
  • Upgrades to the kiosk 




Park Lane, Braidwood, BraidwoodCaptains Flat 2622  View Map

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