Burra S bends

  • Project typeCapital works
  • Project value$2,400,000
  • Project scheduleTo be completed in late 2020
  • Contractor nameCouncil is coordinating the works, primarily using its own resources but will engage various sub-contractors
  • Completion Date30 November 2020
Burra Road s bends

Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council will be upgrading approximately 1.7km of Burra Road between Little Burra Road and London Bridge Road. This section of road is often referred to as the “Burra ‘S’ Bends”. 

Burra Road primarily serves local residents, but is also a link between the greater Queanbeyan area and Michelago, through to the Snowy-Monaro region. 

The road experiences a moderate traffic flow, with an average daily traffic rate of approximately 1,000 vehicles. This includes locals, tourists and some heavy vehicles.

Working hours

The construction will take place as follows: 

  • 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday; and 
  • 7am to 1pm, Saturdays (if necessary). 

Only the following approved work is permitted outside these days and hours: 

  • The delivery of materials which is required outside hours and as requested by police or other authorities for safety reasons; and 
  • Emergency safety work to reduce the risk of harm to staff, drivers, property and the  environment.

How is the work being scheduled? 

Preliminary activities began on Monday 11 May 2020. 

These included:

  • site establishment
  • utility adjustment
  • fencing
  • installation of erosion and sediment control measures, and
  • clearing works.

Main construction works will involve staged culvert drainage installation along the entire 1.7km work zone and the start of earthworks to construct the road formation.

The final stages of the works will include kerb and guttering, pavement construction, pavement sealing, line marking and the installation of guardrails and signage.

The project is anticipated to take approximately six months and is expected to be completed by late 2020, weather permitting. 

Community engagement

Planning for the Burra ‘S’ Bends project has been ongoing for many years while funding sources have been explored, relevant flora and fauna studies undertaken and government approvals sought. 

Council has previously released a number of documents to the community for input. In late 2019, a series of detailed drawings and draft environmental reports were made available for review by Burra Landcare. The documents were the subject of articles in The Intermittent and have previously been published online at: https://burracommunity.org.au/landcare

Council staff have met with landowners whose properties are most directly impacted by the works to discuss service relocations, fencing adjustments and land acquisitions where necessary.  The extent of the works has been marked with red flagging.

Key elements of the project 

  • Surveying of the existing alignment and design work for the new road with some degree of realignment has been completed. Other elements of the project include: 
  • Clearing of the new construction footprint 
  • Earthworks to shape batters and form the road 
  • Construction of drainage to protect the road from flooding events 
  • Construction of the new road pavement using a flexible gravel pavement 
  • Sealing of the road surface for waterproofing 
  • Installation of line marking and signage for road safety requirements. 

Flora and fauna

In planning for the project, studies have been undertaken in regard to threatened flora species, Aboriginal or heritage items, threatened ecological communities, threatened fauna species, fauna habitat (including hollow-bearing trees, fallen timber and other large woody debris, and native tree and shrub canopy). 

Hollow-bearing trees, such as the one shown in the photo below, have been inspected and assessed. A breeding cockatoo survey was completed and a letter of approval to proceed has been granted.  

The impact to drivers and access to residential properties

We aim to ensure that access to and from Burra via Burra Road will be maintained at all times. Diversions via Williamsdale Road should not be necessary. 

During the construction works, temporary speed limits will be enforced. Reduced limits will be clearly signposted and may vary depending on the location of the works at the time. Variable message boards will be placed on the approaches to the construction area.

It is proposed to undertake all construction works with traffic travelling through the site at reduced speeds. This will require traffic controllers to be in place during the day. At night, temporary traffic lights restricting travel to one lane at a time may also be necessary. Delays of up to 10 minutes may be expected. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.  Efforts will be made to minimise disruptions during peak hours. 

Council will take all practical steps to keep residential access clear to all properties along the length of the construction. However, there may be some instances where the works may temporarily interrupt residential access. Notification will be provided to respective residents prior to the restrictions being put in place. 

If any access issues arise during the construction, please contact Martin Edwards – Team Leader Transport Construction West, 0437 485 746, or email martin.edwards@qprc.nsw.gov.au

Bus stop

The bus stop at the corner of Little Burra Road is not supported by local bus companies and is rarely used. Council is investigating the option of relocating the bus shelter to the corner of London Bridge Road and formalising what is currently an informal bus stop.


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