Public Notices

1. Council's For Your Information Advertisement

Council publishes a fortnightly advertisement in the local paper, The Regional Independent. Below you will find the latest advertisement.

You can download the latest For Your Information Advertisement as a PDF here.(PDF, 210KB)

2. Development applications and modifications on notification

View the development applications and modifications currently on notification.

3. Proposed Deed of Amendment Big Island Mining Pty Ltd Planning Agreement

Notice is given of the proposed Deed of Amendment - Big Island Mining Pty Ltd Planning  Agreement.

The Deed of Amendment generally updates the original planning agreement and amongst other things includes the following amendments:

  • Deletion of the one-off contributions that have already been paid by the Developer to Council;
  • Amendment to the annual payment by the Developer towards road infrastructure works by increasing the payment amount and clarifying that the payment is to be put towards ongoing pavement upkeep along the haulage route being that part of Majors Creek Road which lies between the development and Araluen Road;
  • Clarification that s7.11, 7.12 and s7.24 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 are not excluded from applying to the development and that the contributions payable by the Developer are to be taken into consideration for the purpose of s7.11;
  • Inclusion of an enforcement clause providing for a bank guarantee in favour of Council in the event of non-payment of the contributions payable under the Planning Agreement. 

The proposed Deed of Amendment to the Big Island Mining Pty Ltd’s Planning Agreement and the amended Big Island Mining Pty Ltd Planning Agreement will be on public display from 18 December 2020 to 8 February 2021 on Council’s web site at your

Submissions will be accepted until 4.30pm on 8 February 2021 and can be made in the following ways: 

  • Completing the online form at
  • Emailing us at marking in the subject line ”Amendment Big Island Mining Pty Ltd Planning Agreement – Deed of Amendment” or
  • Writing to us at PO Box 90 Queanbeyan NSW 2620 or
  • Delivering in person at one of Council’s offices