Council Meeting Summary - 14 February 2024

Published on 19 February 2024

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Here is the summary of this week's Council meeting.  The archived recording of the meeting is available at:

  • Council heard from two members of the public who made presentations about an item on the agenda concerning NSW Planning and Environment Diverse and Well-Located Housing Reforms
  • Council received and noted the findings of the LGNSW Cost Shifting report for the 2021-22 financial year and will write to the Premier, the NSW Treasurer and the NSW Minister for Local Government to address cost shifting. Council will write in support of the review into Local Government Financial Sustainability. Council will also make a submission to the Draft Terms of Reference to IPART. A copy of the cost shifting report will be placed on Council’s website.
  • Council will lodge a submission on the Diverse and Well-located Housing reforms proposed by the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure
  • Council endorsed the replacement road name Dyara Walk as one of the three proposed names for DA.2021.1537 and will advertise the proposed road name for public comment for 28 days
  • Council endorsed the principle that the naming of the QCCP building is an opportunity to acknowledge and pay respect to our First Nations history, in Ngambri and/or Ngunnawal Language. Council will refer the suggestions provided by the Ngambri Local Aboriginal Lands Council and Winanggaay Ngunnawal Language Group to the QPRC First Nations Advisory Committee and receive a further report
  • Council will place the revisions to the draft Investment Policy on public exhibition for 28 days at and adopt the Investment Policy if there are no objections
  • Council endorsed a 12-month licence agreement with Bungendore Park Tennis Club and will seek Ministerial approval to enter a 5-year period. Agreement will be on public exhibition at Pending feedback, agreement will be signed and executed
  • A matter concerning the renewal of the Access Agreement with Monaro Panthers Football Club to allow the use of Riverside Oval and its facilities for a further 3-year period was withdrawn to return to a future meeting
  • Council received information report about the Department of Planning, Housing and Industry’s draft review of Local Infrastructure Contributions Practice Notes
  • Council received report on shared path designs along Queanbeyan River, connecting Glenrock Drain, Thorpe Avenue and Woodger Parade. Design will be placed on public exhibition
  • Council received half-yearly progress report on the trial of special fee conditions for pool and aquatic centres, including free entry for primary school aged children, making student, senior and concession entry the same, and cost recovery KPI of 50%
  • Council received report on trial of a new category of funding where Council-owned community spaces are made available for free in certain conditions
  • Council received report on the process for the upcoming recruitment of a Director Infrastructure Services
  • Council received report on staff responses to Councillor questions on notice about the Captains Flat Station Masters Cottage
  • Council received report about Councillor Workshops between 24 Jan – 13 Feb including the Captains Flat Station Master’s Cottage, Reconciliation Action Plan, QCCP and Public Spaces Naming Project, Sponsorship Council Facilities/Events, Proposed changes to R2 zone land controls, Enforcement Action on Development Sites, Regional Sports Complex, Dunns Creek Road/VBC Planning Proposal
  • Council noted minutes and endorsed recommendations of the First Nations Advisory Committee meetings of 17 October 2022 and 15 November 2023
  • Council noted value of Greenways in QPRC and their importance to people and conserving local biodiversity, noted threats to Greenways posed by residential development and inadequate allocation of resources for repair and maintenance, and will hold a workshop to discuss the current pressures on Greenways, including approval for motorised vehicles, options for Council to address these pressures and opportunities to extend the Greenways network
  • In closed session, Council noted minutes of Queanbeyan Sporting Gallery meeting of 22 January 2024, endorsed Matthew Harrow and Monique Suraci for induction into the gallery. Council will consider $25,000 in operational funding to be allocated in 2024-25 for signage, cleaning and induction.
  • In closed session, Council received a report on legal matters between July-December 2023

If you’d like more information or background on the decisions, you can find the business papers and meeting minutes on our website:



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