Council Meeting Summary - 21 December 2022

Published on 22 December 2022

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Here's the summary of resolutions made at this week's Council meeting.

The recording of the meeting is available at:

  • Council heard from four members of the public who made presentations about various matters on the agenda
  • Council will advise the NSW Department of Planning that it maintains objections to the proposal for development of new Bungendore High School, noting that with satisfactory resolution of these items Council may withdraw its objection
  • Council grants conditional approval to a modification application for changes to proposed amenities buildings at the Regional Sports Complex
  • Council endorsed the Braidwood Structure Plan Discussion Paper for public exhibition after 30 January 2023
  • Council proposed not to support recommended projects in the Main Street Upgrade Fund at this time and consider suspending all such grants until the outcomes of Special Rate Variation consultation. The matter will be a Notice of Motion at the January meeting.
  • Council agreed to proposed land use planning changes as part of implementing the NSW Government’s Agritourism Reforms
  • Council endorsed the draft QPRC Sports Facilities Strategic Plan for public exhibition until 15 March 2023
  • Council endorsed the concept of micro-forests within Queanbeyan and will work with the community to establish a trial site at Blackall Park
  • Council will place the draft Contaminated Land Policy and draft Contaminated Guidelines on public exhibition commencing no earlier than 30 January 2023 for extended period of 42 days at Council will provide information sessions for Captains Flat residents to explain the policy and guideline and request appropriate NSW Government agency representatives to attend the information sessions. The Mayor will write to the relevant NSW Government Minister and the Member for Monaro seeking a meeting to discuss how NSW Government can support people in Captains Flat to meet the requirements of the contaminated land management arrangements
  • Council will place the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policy and associated Locality Plan on public exhibition for 42 days at  Council will receive a report on the possible disposal of EV charging stations at Googong Common Carpark
  • Council will consider funding $75k for another round of noise monitoring and assessment at Edwin Land Parkway in the 2023-24 Operational Plan
  • Council deferred consideration of funding for further noise assessment work for Ellerton Drive and will receive a further report after consultation with affected residents and a Councillor workshop
  • Council deferred consideration of the draft Queanbeyan Integrated Water Cycle Management Report to the next Council meeting
  • Council accepted funding offers from NSW DPE’s Floodplain Management Program for Captains Flat flood warning system and Queanbeyan voluntary purchase and house raising feasibility study. Council deferred a decision on grant acceptance for the Bungendore overflow until advice and permission is sought from the NSW Environment Minister on waiving the 2:1 (Gov:QPRC) funding requirement for the works
  • Council accepted $5,269,000 from the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Bridges Program Round 2B for the replacement of four timber bridges
  • Council approved a Cultural Grant of $3,000 towards costs of marketing and digital rollout of six-part podcast series ‘Heart of the Storm’
  • Council declined a Cultural Grant of $1,400 towards costs for an artist residency at the Queanbeyan Hive
  • Council will place the Library Local and Family History Collections Policy on public exhibition for 28 days at
  • Council adopted the Library Strategy 2022-26
  • Council adopted the Code of Meeting Practice
  • Council adopted the Parking and Enforcement Priority Policy
  • Council adopted the Sustainable Design for Council Buildings Policy and Shopping Trolley Management Policy
  • Council accepted the audited General Purpose Financial Statements, Special Purpose Financial Statements and Special Schedules for the year ended 30 June 2022, noting public submissions will be accepted until 9 February 2023. Council noted additional claim for $85,000 made by Auditor General and will write to Minister for Local Government to object to additional cost being notified after completion of the audit work and without sufficient justification
  • Council accepted the financing offer from ANZ and authorised Mayor and General Manager to enter loan agreements for $44,661,000. $39m for construction of the QCCP and $5m for construction of Regional Sports Complex
  • Council received investment report for November 2022, noting return of $1,047,691
  • Council accepted the resignation of Cr Ternouth due to a relocation to the US. Council will notify the NSW Electoral Commission that a countback election is necessary to fill the casual vacancy
  • Council noted its submission on State Significant Development Application for the Woodlawn Advanced Energy Recovery Centre
  • Council received status report on land-use planning projects and activities from April-December 2022
  • As it was his last agenda item at his last council meeting the meeting included a farewell to Mike Thompson, retiring after more than 40 years with Council.
  • Council received update report on the compulsory acquisition of land in Bungendore
  • Council received report on the November 2022 meeting of Regional Cities NW
  • Council noted report on Councillor workshops between 17 November and 14 December, including Workers Compensation, person living in unauthorised structures and compliance action, TfNSW – 16 Cities Services Improvement Plan and Queanbeyan Integrated Transport Plan, Sports Facilities Strategic Plan, Audit and Risk Improvement Committee Chair Presentation, Googong Town Centre Structure Plan, Policies for Review, Presentation by Fyshwick Business Centre on their Eastwick Greenline light rail and active travel corridor proposal, South Jerrabomberra Regional Jobs Precinct Master Plan, Braidwood Structure Plan Discussion Paper, Bungendore High School – Council submissions, Use of Agricultural Chemicals in Public Places, Corporate Sponsorship Policy, and Briefing from Captains Flat Lead Taskforce
  • Council noted minutes and adopted recommendations of the Local Traffic Committee on 6 December 2022
  • Council noted minutes of Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee on 29 November 2022
  • Council noted minutes of Bungendore Town Centre and Environs Committee meetings on 19 September and 17 October 2022
  • A Notice of Motion concerning drainage issues affecting the Braidwood Recreation Ground was withdrawn
  • In closed session, Council adopted recommendations to provide funding to four applications under the Local Heritage Grants 2022-23
  • In closed session, Council awarded contract for design and construction of amenities building at Wright Park to Rice Constructions Group for $1.3m and authorised transfer of $20k from Revolving Energy Reserve for solar panel
  • In closed session, Council noted the minutes of the Queanbeyan Sporting Gallery on 10 October 2022 and endorsed Haidee Lance, Jason Aslimoski, Karly Roestbakken and Jed Stuart for induction into the gallery

If you’d like more information or background on the decisions, you can find the business papers and meeting minutes on our website: