Council Meeting Summary - 24 May 2023

Published on 25 May 2023

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Here's the summary of resolutions made at the 24 May Ordinary Meeting of Council.
The recording of the meeting is available at:
  • Council heard from a member of the public who made a presentation about three matters on the agenda
  • Council granted conditional consent to a development application at 29 Wallace Street, Braidwood
  • Council granted conditional consent to a development application for a two lot Torrens title subdivision at 19 Glenrock Drive, Googong
  • Council adopted the new Part 10 of the Googong Development Control Plan 2010
  • Council will place on public exhibition Parts 3A and 5: Jumping Creek (as amended) of the Queanbeyan Development Control 2012 for 28 days at
  • Council rescinded Resolution 142/33, and adopted in principle the names Bridget Avenue, Ellen Street, Talbot Street, Wardell Street, Charlotte Place, Marjason Court and Winyu Rise as proposed road names for Elm Grove, North Bungendore and will advertise the names for 28 days
  • Council adopted in principle the names ‘Yellow Box Close’ and ‘Quince Paddock Place’ as the proposed names for two new roads located off Newington Road, Bywong and will advertise the names for 28 days
  • Council approved a Cultural Grant of $1,500 towards venue hire and promotional costs for a ‘Viva Kids’ Concert in Queanbeyan
  • Council will not apply an increase to the annual Councillors and Mayoral Fee as determined by the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal for the Regional Centre Category but will allocate 10% of the Mayoral Fee to the Deputy Mayor’s Councillor Fee. Council will write to the NSW Minister for Local Government requesting they work with the NSW Local Government Remuneration Tribunal to remove the self-determination of fees from Councils
  • Council endorsed the draft QPRC Aquatics Facilities Strategic Plan to place on public exhibition for 42 days for community feedback and comment at
  • Council noted an existing loan with Westpac Banking Corporation reached end of agreement on 20 May 2023 and will enter into a new loan agreement with Commonwealth Bank
  • Council received the Investment Report for month of April 2023, noting return was $921,617
  • Council noted a report on the implementation of the First Nations People’s language component of the QPRC Road Names Policy
  • Council noted minutes of Bungendore Town Centre and Environs Advisory Committee meeting
  • Council noted minutes of the QPRC Sports Council
  • In closed session, Council noted minutes of the Queanbeyan Sporting Gallery and endorsed nominees for induction
If you’d like more information or background on the decisions, you can find the business papers and meeting minutes on our website: 


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