Water and Sewer

1. Overview

Council maintains the water and sewer network. We have an agreement with Icon Water to purchase potable water for the Queanbeyan area. Braidwood, Bungendore and Captains Flat have their own water treatment facilities which service the urban area of the three towns/villages.

For supply issues that are not within your property boundaries, you can contact our offices:

Telephone - 1300 735 025 - Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm

After hours emergency numbers

Braidwood, Bungendore, Captains Flat – 1300 735 025 - option 1.

Queanbeyan - 1300 735 025 - option 2.

2. Water meter size reassessment

If you feel your water meter size does not match the use of your property, you can apply for a reassessment. Please contact us to discuss or complete the application online below.

3. Googong's Recycled Water System

Googong will be so water efficient, its 18,000 residents will use less water than just 6,500 residents would normally use in an average Australian community. 

Googong Township Pty Ltd has constructed a state of the art water recycling plant at Googong to service the eventual 18,000 residents that will live in the new town. The plant will see recycled water returned to houses, businesses and schools. The plant is in the final stages of testing, with recycled water expected to be available for Googong properties in 2017-18.

One of the key goals of Council is to ensure that residents are aware of the uses of recycled water, how the system works and what their responsibilities are.

Fact Sheets

A number of fact sheets have been developed to help the residents of Googong understand about the new recycled water system.  You are able to download these below.

Googong Plumbing Standards

You can download the Googong Plumbing Standards here(PDF, 1MB) .

4. Queanbeyan Waterways Data

We conduct monthly water sampling in Queanbeyan area. You can download the results of these below.

5. EPA Sewage Treatment Plant Data

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requires us to publish pollution monitoring data for each of our sewerage treatment plants in accordance with the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POELA Act).

The specific requirements for the publication of monitoring results are set out in s.66(6) of the POEO Act.

The latest pollution monitoring data for the Braidwood, Bungendore and Captains Flat sewage treatment plants may be downloaded below.

6. Waterwise

We offer the following incentives for local residents and business who are connected to the Queanbeyan-Palerang water supply.

  • free home tune-up
  • free AAA shower rose
  • free dual flush toilet
  • subsidies for rainwater tanks
  • subsidies for commercial properties

For more information you can download the WaterWise brochure here(PDF, 910KB).

Waterwise application forms

Download the washing machine rebate form(PDF, 1MB)

Download the home tune-up form(PDF, 980KB)

Download the rainwater tank rebate form(PDF, 979KB)

Download the commercial rebate form(PDF, 1MB)

Information on saving water

Visit the Your home website for tips on saving water

7. Report a drinking or recycled water quality issue

Click here to view form.

8. Water supply interruptions

We are working on providing better water services to our community. Part of this process includes repairing and replacing water mains and house connections.

9. Sewage spills

Council has had major blockages in sewer catchments found within the LGA.  This is costing Council and ultimately you, the ratepayer, more than what is actually required due to additional pump maintenance fees, higher electricity costs and after hours call-out fees. Blockages and sewer pipe breakdowns significantly increase the risk of sewage overflows to the environment, into a property or your house. Please view and download the following factsheets and tips to help prevent future sewer blockages.

Download the tree roots in sewer pipes factsheet(PDF, 312KB)

Download the six tips to prevent a sewage backup(PDF, 163KB)

Download the sewage wise sewer overflows factsheet(PDF, 400KB)