Tree management

1. Tree/vegetation removal and/or pruning

Our development control plans (DCPs) set out when you are required to obtain a development approval to remove or prune vegetation (including trees) on your land. To make it easier for land owners to manage risks on their land some types of trees/vegetation are exempt and can be removed without consent. 

It is a requirement for anyone proposing to clear tress or other vegetation to refer to the relevant DCP to confirm what requirements, if any, apply to their specific circumstances. 

If you require information or assistance in determining whether you need approval you can contact our office on 1300 735025 or by e-mail.

An application fee will be required for the removal/pruning of trees and other vegetation where it requires consent. Please refer to our fees and charges. 

2. How do we assess applications for tree/vegetation removal or pruning?

Tree/vegetation removal or pruning on both Urban Land and Environmental Land is assessed by a Council Officer against our DCPs, the NSW Vegetation SEPP and the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act requirements. We require our Officer to consider the environmental and aesthetic values of the tree/vegetation and the potential risk that the tree/vegetation poses to nearby land or property before making a determination.

If you are removing trees or other vegetation on rural land you must seek approval through NSW Local Land Services on 1300 778 080).

3. Who do I contact if I think trees or other vegetation are being removed illegally?

If you see trees or other vegetation being removed and you suspect the work is illegal you can contact our office on 1300 735 025 for investigation. 

4. Applying for an approval

We are excited to announce a new pilot collaboration with Service New South Wales. You can start your application online here.

To make our customer service experience a better one, you may now apply for tree services within the QPRC Local Government Area using the Service NSW Tree Services Application.

Why are we doing this? The demand for online services around the country are ever expanding. By leveraging the expertise of Service NSW in presenting and delivering requests for service, QPRC is expediting your requests and reducing the dependency on paper-driven documentation.

If you would like to contact the tree services area please call Council on 1300 735 025.

Have you put your request through using this new service? We'd love to hear about your experience.

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