COMPLETE - Intersection upgrades Uriarra Road

  • Project typeCapital works
  • Project value$1,183,991
  • Project scheduleWork completed 28 April 2021
  • Completion Date26 April 2021
New traffic lights Uriarra and Ross Roads

We will be installing traffic signals at the intersection of Uriarra Road and Ross Road and realigning the curve of the road to improve safety. The traffic signals will also improve pedestrian safety with a signalised pedestrian crossing. At the intersection of Uriarra Road and Stornaway Road, a median island will be installed on Uriarra Road to prevent drivers from turning right from Stornaway Road.

Why do we need to do this work?

These intersections are approximately 250m apart and both of these intersections have experienced vehicle crashes.

The limited sight distance and the complexity of the intersections have been identified as the key issue for a number of these crashes. By providing controlled intersections, the upgrades aim to minimise intersection crashes, increase pedestrian safety and reduce commuter delays along Uriarra Road.

How is this work being scheduled?

The work commenced on 9 November 2020 and we expect work to be completed by the end of April 2021

The project will be conducted in three stages.

  • Stage 1 – Laying conduits and foundation for traffic signals, demolition of the median island - COMPLETED
  • Stage 2 – Civil works including realignment of curve and construction of footpaths and kerb ramps - COMPLETED
  • Stage 3 – Asphalt works - COMPLETED

Other works

The water main on Ross Road, from Uriarra Road to Tate Street has been replaced.

Impact on residents

  • Ross Road will be closed in both directions throughout the construction and detours will be in place.
  • Some properties may experience minor access issues and reduced parking options. In the Queanbeyan-bound lane to the west of Ross Road, four parking spots will be lost. 

Who is involved in this project?

Council is coordinating the works on this project. The project is fully funded by the NSW Government under the 2019/20 NSW Safer Roads Program. Council will sub-contract out the work.

Contractors who will be working on the project include:

  • Traffic signal installation - Ecowise Services (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Civil works - Earthmoving Creations Pty LTd
  • Asphalting works - Patches Asphalt


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