Council Meeting Summary - 13 July 2022

Published on 14 July 2022

Council Meeting Summary News graphic tile.jpg

Here is a summary of the resolutions made at the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 13 July 2022. The meeting recording is available at

  • Council heard from two members of the public about various matters on tonight’s agenda
  • Council congratulated Mr Michael Thompson for being awarded the Public Service Medal announced in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List June 2022
  • Council granted conditional approval for DA for construction of a child care facility, gymnasium, food and drink premises and basement carparking at 14 Ferdinand Lane, Jerrabomberra
  • Council agreed that a Planning Proposal to rezone a small area of land at South Jerrabomberra can be progressed to the Department of Planning and Environment
  • Council agreed to the revised design for the relocation and redevelopment of the Googong Shearing Shed and to its delisting as a local heritage item
  • Council accepted the 2021-22 NSW Government Multi-Sport Community Facility Fund Grant of $1.1m for the Bungendore Sports Hub and will allocate matching funds from the LRCI Phase 3 Extension Funds  
  • Council approved continuation of 21 s.355 Committees with updated guidelines, clear contact points and service level agreements and nominated a councillor delegate to each committee. As a result of councillor delegates being assigned to each s355 Committee, dissolved the locality/area committees. Council acknowledged the importance of Progress Associations and Village Committees and will expand the community forums to other localities
  • Council approved a Cultural Grant Donation of $1,500 to help with costs for the Braidwood Young Writers’ Festival 2022
  • Council endorsed the Social Media Policy to be placed on public exhibition at for 28 days
  • Council will place the Tourism Policy, amended Petition Policy, Sewer Connections – Limit of Council Responsibility Policy and Procedures for the Administration of the Code of Conduct on public exhibition at for 28 days
  • Council rescinded the Community Meetings Policy, the Decision Making Framework Policy, Requests for assistance with Legal Costs Policy, Private Works Prepayment Policy and Former QCC Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation Rates Relief Policy
  • Council nominated the Mayor and Cr Taskovski, Cr Biscotti, Cr Grundy to register as voting delegates and Cr Wilson as non-voting delegate to attend the LGNSW Annual Conference 2022
  • Council agreed to renew the lease agreement with Amplitel Pty for 66 Old Mines Road, Captains Flat
  • Council endorsed the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy for public exhibition at for 28 days
  • Council adopted the Resourcing Strategy and endorses the Workforce Management Strategy 2022-26
  • Council adopted the 2022-32 Long Term Financial Plan, with amendments to match the adopted Operational Plan. Council will develop modelling for community consultation on a special rate variation (SRV), including a lower annual SRV implemented over a longer timeframe that ensures no shortfall of cash in the General Fund and caps the surplus over the life of the plan at 2%. Modelling will also include impact of removing dividends paid to the General Fund from the Water and Sewer Funds over the term of the long-term financial plan. Council will conduct an organisational service review to identify financial improvement opportunities and include the outcomes of this review in a revised LTFP within 6 months before making any decision to apply for a special rate variation
  • Council deferred the draft Investment Policy to be considered at the next Council meeting
  • Council received an information report on the NSW Rail Trails Framework
  • Council noted a report on the 2022 ANZAC Day events
  • Council noted a report on Council’s accreditation against the Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Australian Standards
  • Council noted councillor workshops from 16 June to 6 July including Village Building Company Rutledge Street project, LRCI Phase 3 extension, councillor questions and customer enquiries, Uluru Statement of the Heart, policy review timetable, Bungendore Sports Hub update, Banners and Sails policy, Investment Policy, QCCP Floorplans, two DAs, s355 Committees and Area Committees, LRCI Projects assessment, Social Media Policy, policies for review
  • Council noted minutes of the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee
  • Council will conduct a workshop and invite Heritage NSW and the Ngambri Local Aboriginal Land Council to attend to facilitate understanding of the Aboriginal Place application including Aboriginal Community management goals and effect on future use of Queanbeyan Showground
  • Council will receive a report on progress with public place electric vehicle charging infrastructure in QPRC
  • In closed session, Council noted a report on legal matters
  • In closed session, Council awarded contract to construct the amenities at the Bungendore Sports Hub to Rice Construction in the amount of $1,637,900
  • In closed session, Council awarded 3-year contract for washroom services to Flick Anticimex for sum of $151,785

Find more information about these matters in the business papers on the Minutes and Agendas page.