Request bins and report issues

1. Domestic Bin services

The bins and collection services you receive from us varies depending on where you live.

In Queanbeyan and other areas of the former Queanbeyan City Council, the following bins are provided:

  1. Houses and town houses have a garbage, recycling and greenwaste bin.
  2. Multi-units have garbage and recycling bins which are shared.  
  3. Rural properties can have a garbage and recycling bin or just a recycling bin.

In the former Palerang Council area, the following bins are provided:

  1. Residential properties in the urban areas of Bungendore, Captains Flat and Braidwood have garbage, recycling and greenwaste bins
  2. Residential properties in specific areas have garbage and recycling bins, or just a recycling bin

Some areas of QPRC do not currently have a bin collection service.

Check your next collection day here.

2. Report a missed collection

If we did not pick up your bin before 5pm on your collection day please let us know. Before you submit make sure you check our reasons why your bin may not have been collected.

Reasons your bin may not have been collected

  • A sticker advising contamination - the bin has incorrect items in it - e.g. general rubbish in your recycling or green waste bin - building rubble in any bin - plastic bags in recycling
  • A sticker advising that the bin is too heavy. Remove items to reduce the weight.
  • A sticker advising that bin has been obstructed - e.g. by a vehicle - too close to trees - too far away from the kerb
  • Your bin wasn't put out in time - please place bins out evening before your collection day.  If you require collection because of this a fee is payable for an additional collection
  • Not your collection day - please call to check your collection day or click here for Calendar and waste zone area
  • Wrong bin put out - e.g. you have placed your green waste bin out - but it is your recycling day - please call to check your waste zone and download your calendar here
  • Bin overfull - lids need to be closed to avoid spillage when being emptied, or animals getting into the bins

What do I do if I have a sticker on my bin?

  • Contaminated bins - remove contaminated material from your bin and bin will be collected on next scheduled collection day. Call us on 1300 735 025 if you are unsure of what should go in each of your bins
  • Bin too heavy - reduce the amount of waste that is making the bin too heavy
  • Obstructed bin - relocate bin for easy access for collection
  • Bin too full - remove items so bin lid is closed
  • Advise us on 1300 735 025 that you have rectified the problem and to arrange collection

If none of the above applies

3. Request for extra bins

To make a request for extra bins you need to be aware of the following:

  • Only the owner of the property is able to make this request. You will have to ask the owner or managing agent to contact Council to request extra bins. This is because the ratepayer pays for the extra bins, not the tenant.
  • Businesses are only able to request 240ltr garbage and recycling bins and 240L green organics bins if required
  • There is an additional cost for extra bins and these charges can be viewed in our current Fees and Charges Schedule which can be downloaded here(PDF, 2MB).

Once the request has been processed the contractor will be out in the next few days to deliver your extra bins.

Please complete our online form to request extra bins for garbage, recycling or greenwaste.

4. Looking after your bins

All bins remain the property of Council, however you do have a responsibility to look after them. We ask that you:

  • Bring your bins in as soon as possible after collection
  • Store your bins securely when not out for collection.

There is a fee payable for replacement of bins which are stolen or damaged due to neglect.

You may mark your house number and street name on the bins. If the property is later sold or tenanted, the bins remain on the property.

Report a damaged bin online here.

5. Request new bin service

New homes

You will require proof of an Occupation Certificate before bins are supplied to a new home.

A waste services charge will apply via the rates of that property once the bin has been delivered. We can only change waste services at a property on the advice of the owner or managing real estate agent.

Existing homes

If you have recently purchased a property and the bins are missing you need to contact your solicitor as the bins should be present on settlement and we will charge for the replacement of the bins.

If you are a new tenant and there are no bins at your new residence, please contact your landlord or managing agent. The bins belong to the property and must stay at the property. The landlord or managing agent is responsible for the cost of replacing the bins.

If you are a landlord or managing real estate agent of a tenanted house, please check that the bins are there at final inspection, and then lock them in the garage, shed or laundry until the next tenants arrive. Bins often ‘disappear’ between tenants and Council will charge for bin replacement if this occurs.

Rural properties

Rural residences within the former Queanbeyan City Council area are offered an optional garbage and recycling service or a recycling service only.

This is an optional service and the costs of the bins are added to the rates of the property when ordered. Garbage Bins are 240L, Recycling bins are 240l or 360l and are collected fortnightly as per calendar .

Please note the owner of the property has to order the bins as the cost is added to the rates of the property.

Commercial/industrial properties

A commercial/industrial (or other non-residential) property may have Council waste, recycling and greenwaste services if they wish to, but this is not mandatory. We supply 240 litre kerbside bin services only - no larger bulk-style containers are available through Council.

A commercial property may have as many of each type of bin as they require. New bins or changes to existing services are charged per bin through that property’s rates so may only be requested by the owner or managing real estate agent.

Request a new bin service online here.

6. Replacing a damaged bin

If your bin is damaged or worn through normal use, we will repair or replace it free of charge at our discretion.

Property owners or managing agents will be billed for the replacement of bins which are:

  • damaged through incorrect use
  • disappear due to incorrect storage
  • damaged (malicious or otherwise)
  • stolen from inside the property boundary.
  • stolen/ gone missing between tenants or change of ownership

After reporting your damaged bin to us at the link below, leave it on the verge. Contractors will not enter your property to locate the bin and change it over.   

Report a damaged bin online here.

7. Report a lost or missing bin

You can report a lost or missing bin by completing the online form below. If you are a tenant you will need to contact your managing agent agent to send a work order for replacement bins. Have you recently become the new owner of an existing property? You will need to contact your solicitor, or pay for replacement bins, as they should have been on the property at settlement. Once you have submitted your request your bins will be replaced within 3 working days. Please Note: Council will charge for the replacement of bins which are stolen from inside the property or stolen or damaged due to neglect e.g left out for long periods of time after collection.

Report a lost or missing bin online here.

8. Upsizing and downsizing bins

Only individual residential dwellings can upsize or downsize their bins. Rural properties can only upsize or downsize their recycling bin. Please be aware that there is an upfront fee for increasing the size of your garbage bin, and that only the owner of the property can request a change to bin size as this will effect their rates. Once reported - PLEASE LEAVE YOUR BIN ON THE VERGE contractors will not enter the property to change over the bin

There is an additional cost for upsizing your bins and these charges can be viewed in our current Fees and Charges Schedule which can be downloaded here.(PDF, 2MB)


Request a change to your bin size online.

9. General Waste Enquiry

Please use this form if you need to:

  • cancel a booked kerbside cleanup
  • request a waste service be removed for optional business waste services, residential extra bins no longer required, optional rural waste services (please leave the bin on the verge after your next collection day)
  • any other waste and resource recovery enquiry

For waste requests for new bins, broken bins, missed collections and to change your bin size please use the links on the relevant pages above.

For urgent issues please contact us on 1300 735 025

Click here to view form.