Building and Development Forms and Checklists

1. Overview

For a general idea on the difference between the different approval processes you can download the Development Application Guide here(PDF, 837KB) .

The development team is continuing to review and update our application forms. In the interim forms not listed below are available from the link at the bottom of the page.

From 14 September 2020, the following applications and certificates must be submitted through the NSW Planning Portal. These include:

  • Development Applications
  • Modification Applications
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Construction Certificates
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Subdivision Certificates 

2. Exempt and Complying Development

Exempt Development

Many home renovations and minor building projects don't need approval from Council or an accredited certifier. This is classed as Exempt Development. As long as the development meets specific standards and land requirements, no planning or building approval is needed.

The standards you must comply with for most Exempt Development works are in the State Policy for Exempt and Complying Development. The Policy can be viewed on the NSW Legislation Website. Alternatively, easy to read fact sheets can be found on the NSW Planning Portal Website.

Complying Development

Complying Development is a fast-track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial development. A Complying Development approval is the equivalent of a Development Application and Construction Certificate. They can be approved by Council or a private certifier. To find out if your building project or renovation is Complying Development visit the Department of Planning website or contact us.

  1. Download the complying development application(PDF, 140KB)
  2. Download the checklist for a complying development application(PDF, 270KB)

3. Development Applications

A Development Application is a proposed development that requires Council consent. If your proposal is not Exempt Development and you cannot meet the requirements in Complying Development, you will most likely need to complete a development application. It includes local development, integrated development and designated development. For more information on Development Applications please refer to the Development Application Guide below.

Pre-lodgement Information

We recommend that you use the documents below to help you complete your application.

Development Application Checklists

  1. Download the checklist for alterations and additions(PDF, 378KB)
  2. Download the checklist for commercial works(PDF, 384KB)
  3. Download the checklist for a dwelling that is sewered(PDF, 492KB)
  4. Download the checklist for a dwelling that is unsewered(PDF, 377KB)
  5. Download the checklist for a manufactured dwelling(PDF, 240KB)
  6. Download the checklist for sheds and other non habitable structures(PDF, 301KB)

Lodging your Development Application

A Development Application form and Statement of Environmental Effects must be completed and submitted as part of your lodgement. The following documents may also need to be submitted with your application - refer to the Development Application Guide and Checklist.

  1. Download the Development Application form(PDF, 153KB)
  2. Download the political donations and gifts disclosure statement(PDF, 33KB)
  3. Download the application for a water meter(PDF, 92KB)
  4. Download the application to Modify a Development Consent(PDF, 154KB)
  5. Download the owners authorisation for applications(PDF, 81KB)
  6. Download the application to Review a Determination(PDF, 32KB)
  7. Download the Statement of Environmental Effects - Residential(PDF, 318KB)
  8. Download the Statement of Environmental Effects - Commercial premises and signage(PDF, 282KB)
  9. Download the Statement of Environmental Effects - Medium and High Density Residential Development(PDF, 377KB)
  10. Download the Statement of Environmental Effects - Industrial Development(PDF, 277KB)
  11. Download the application to vary the Development Control Plan(PDF, 148KB)
  12. Download the Bushfire Application Kit for New Homes
  13. Download the application to Withdraw a Development Application(PDF, 84KB)
  14. Submit development application online (From 14 September all development applications must  be submitted via the NSW Planning Portal)
  15. You can view our accredited landscape consultants and contractors here.
  16. Download the landscape contractor application form(PDF, 262KB)

Commencing Your Build

Once your development application has been determined and you have applied for and been issued a construction certificate, you will need to submit a Notice to Commence form (if Council is your principal certifying authority) and other relevant documentation below.

  1. Download the notice to commence where appointing QPRC as the principle certifying authority(PDF, 142KB)
  2. Download the notice of work for plumbing and drainage

4. Activity Approval

An activity approval requires the consent of Council if it is not Exempt Development, Complying Development or a Development Application. Some common activities include water, sewer and stormwater works, fireplaces and manufactured homes. For a complete list of activities, please refer to Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993. If you wish to carry out an activity, please complete the Activity Approval Application and submit to any of our offices.

  1. Download the Activity Approval Application(PDF, 50KB)
  2. Download the Liquid Trade Waste Application(PDF, 146KB)
  3. Download the Guidelines - Fireplace(PDF, 133KB)
  4. Download the Guidelines - Manufactured Homes(PDF, 54KB)
  5. Download the Guidelines - Water, Sewerage and Stormwater works(PDF, 19KB)

5. Construction Certificates

Any development that includes building a structure will also require a construction certificate. A construction certificate must be obtained before commencing any building and construction work. If you undertake the development application process, you may need this. The certificate confirms that the structural aspects of your development comply with the National Construction Code and associated standards. This can also be issued either by Council or a private certifier. You must have approval from Council before applying for this, or you can submit a development application and construction certificate to Council at the same time.

  1. Download the application for a Construction Certificate for building and subdivision(PDF, 120KB)
  2. Download the application to modify a Construction Certificate(PDF, 90KB)

6. Subdivision

The subdivision of land means the division of land into two or more parts that, after the division, would be adapted for separate occupation, use or disposition. Some subdivision proposals require a development application. This information can be found within the Development Application Guide on page 10. Once this has been determined, you are generally required to apply for a subdivision certificate. Once issued, this allows you to register the new subdivision with land and property information. The following forms must be submitted with your lodgement:

  1. Download the water and sewer compliance certificate application form(PDF, 154KB)
  2. Download the subdivision certificate application form(PDF, 137KB)
  3. Download the checklist for subdivisions(PDF, 58KB)
  4. Download the rural address number application form(PDF, 335KB)

8. Finalizing Your Development

Occupation Certificate

Once you have completed your works you can apply for an interim or final occupation certificate. You may also apply for an annual fire safety certificate if applicable. Please ensure you have met all of the conditions on your consent issued with your development application

  1. Download the application for a final or interim occupation certificate(PDF, 64KB)
  2. Download the annual fire safety statement(PDF, 96KB)
  3. Download the interim/final fire safety certificate(PDF, 96KB)
  4. Download the bushfire attack level (BAL) assessment form(PDF, 186KB)

Building Certificate

  1. Download the application for a building certificate(PDF, 283KB)

Completed Landscape Works

You can view our accredited landscape consultants and contractors here.

  1. Download the statement of completed landscape works(PDF, 87KB)
  2. Download the landscape contractor application form(PDF, 262KB)