MR92 - Nerriga Road

  • Project typeCapital Works
  • Project value$39 million
  • Project scheduleTo be completed 2021
  • Contractor nameQPRC
Progress works along Nerriga Road showing widening and surface preparation
The Nerriga Road upgrade project involves upgrading four sections of the road, and has been funded by a $70 million grant from the NSW Government under the Monaro-Palerang Roads Package. The total funding package provides for the Nerriga Road upgrade, duplication of Old Cooma Road south of Queanbeyan and a roundabout at the corner of Malbon and Molonglo Sts in Bungendore.
The Nerriga Road project has been allocated $29 million. The upgrades consists of sealing 11.22km of unsealed road and upgrading the intersection of Nerriga Road and the Kings Highway. A further 4.7km may be sealed if budget permits.
The single lane bridge at Charleyong has also being replaced and this work was completed by the NSW Roads and Maritime Service in June 2020.

The project includes four stages:

  • Stage 1 - Grants Road to Stewarts Crossing Road (5km) - completed in December 2018.
  • Stage 2 - Stewarts Crossing Road to Charleyong Bridge (3.1km) – was completed in October 2019. Approximately 300m of road that was part of the new Charleyong Bridge approaches was completed in March 2020. Construction of the new Charleyong Bridge was a Transport for NSW project that was completed separately to the Nerriga Road upgrade project.
  • Stage 3 - Durran Durra Range, Brightside Road to Grants Road (3.1km) – preliminary work on this stage has now commenced. The stage includes sealing the section of Nerriga Road that runs through the Durran Durra Range, between Brightside Road and Grants Road.
  • Stage 4 - Kings Highway/Nerriga Road - this stage is expected to begin in 2021 

If savings are made across the entire project, or further sources of funding are secured, then a fifth stage of the project will be included. This stage would include a 4.7km unsealed section known as Ningee Nimble Creek, which is located between Mongarlowe River and Charleys Forest Road.

Traffic Management

Traffic management is a key element of the project. Because most of the construction will be adjacent to the existing road, traffic will be able to travel through the site at reduced speeds.

Traffic controllers may be in place at times where new and old roads meet. Short delays may be expected. Efforts will be made to minimise disruptions during peak hours.

Working Hours

The construction will take place as follows:

  • 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday; and
  • 7am to 2pm, Saturdays (if necessary).

There is also the possibility that the NSW Government COVID-19 Order for extended construction work days will apply during part of the project. In that case, weekends and public holidays are treated like weekdays.

The only approved work that may take place outside of these hours includes:

  • the delivery of materials which may be required outside normal hours because of requests by police or other authorities for safety reasons, and
  • emergency safety work to reduce the risk of harm to staff, drivers, property and the environment.


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