Your Kerbside Clean Up

1. Overview

If you live in the urban areas of Queanbeyan, unwanted items covered by the program (see what we do not accept for details) can be picked-up from outside your home through Council’s limited Kerbside Clean Up service.

2. Who Receives This Service?

Households in the former Queanbeyan local government area are provided two Kerbside Clean Ups per financial year, the cost of this service is covered through rates.

Due to differences in rates and charges between the two former Councils, residents in the former Palerang local government area do not currently receive the Kerbside Clean Up Service.

There are different Kerbside Clean Ups for Queanbeyan residents, based on your property type: (if you are not sure if you are eligible please call: 1300 735 025)

  • House or single multi-unit with your own set of garbage, recycling and green waste bins: Two Kerbside Clean Ups each financial year booked through Council, not available for the two-week period over Christmas and New Year.
  • Multi-unit dwelling that shares bins between units: Two scheduled Kerbside Clean Ups annually, one in March and one in September.

3. Booking a Kerbside Clean Up

If your property (house or single multi-unit) is in the former Queanbeyan Local Government Area you can book your Kerbside Clean Up by contacting Council on: 1300 735 025.

Residents of multi-units with scheduled Kerbside Clean Ups will be advised of specific dates by mail.

4. Before Your Kerbside Clean Up

Check to see if the items you are disposing of through your Clean Up can be reused, recycled or given to a local charity.

Try the following:

  • Your local Buy, Swap and Sell
  • Host a garage sale - the Garage Sale Trail is held annually in October and you can register on line at
  • Soft Landing take second-hand mattresses, you can drop-off your mattress or have it collected at your own cost.
  • Queanbeyan Waste Minimisation centre (5 Lorn Road) – free drop off of:
    • Paper and cardboard
    • Engine oil
    • Batteries
    • Fluorescent globes
    • Mobile phones
    • Ridged plastic containers
    • Tin and aluminum cans
    • Glass bottles and jars
    • Printer cartridges
    • Garden organics
    • Paint
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Gas bottles
    • Smoke detectors

5. Kerbside Clean Up Guidelines

One day before the scheduled Kerbside Clean Up Service, place items to be picked-up on your verge in a safe location at the front of your property. Items should not be placed on driveways or footpaths. Placing items outside earlier puts you at risk of being fined for illegal dumping or you risk others adding to your pile, which you will be responsible for.

An illegal dumping fine of $4000 is payable if:

  • You leave out Items but have not booked a Kerbside Clean Up.
  • Items are left out for more than one day before a booked Kerbside Clean Up.

Your Kerbside Clean Up items:

  • Will go to landfill, except for metals which will be recycled.
  • Need to be able to be lifted by two people, anything larger or heavier may not be accepted.
  • Needs to be presented in a neat and tidy manner, the contractor may refuse to collect if not presented neatly
  • Is limited to one trailer load per collection, contractors will leave items if they are over the limit and you will be responsible for disposal
  • Can only include one mattress per collection or mattress and base ensemble. Please advise when booking if you have a mattress and keep separate from other items. If you have more than one mattress you can take to Soft Landing or have collected at your cost.
  • Should not include anything you want to keep. Council is not responsible for any items left on the kerbside.

6. We Do Not Accept

  • Tyres, however rims will be accepted – Tyres can be taken to Mugga Lane landfill and Mitchell Resource Recovery centre waste for a cost.
  • Televisions and computers- TVs can be taken to Mugga Lane landfill and Mitchell Resource Recovery centre for free
  • Asbestos or unidentifiable fibro sheeting (you will need to use a registered Asbestos remover to take Asbestos to the Landfill)
  • Fibreglass (including fibreglass roof sheeting)
  • Chemicals (visit the Chemical Cleanout website to find out when collections are scheduled)
  • Paints *
  • Gas bottles *
  • Hazardous material
  • Large car parts
  • Builders’ rubble, concrete, tiles, bricks, soil
  • Household and car batteries * 
  • Green waste - please place organic material in your green waste bin or take it to the Waste Minimisation Centre at 5 Lorn Road, Queanbeyan.
  • Glass  - including windows, large sheets of glass, glass table tops, doors, mirrors, reptile or fish tanks.
  • Pallets
  • Any other items that the contractor deems unacceptable or unsafe to collect.

* Indicates that these can be dropped off at the Waste Minimisation Centre 5 Lorn Road, Queanbeyan


7. Where Can I Get More Information?

If you have any further questions about the Kerbside Clean Up, please contact Council on 1300 735 025.

8. You Can Be Fined For Illegal Dumping

It is illegal to dump, or permit to be dumped, any waste, rubbish or soil products on private or public land, unless it is a licensed landfill site.

You can incur a fine of $4000 under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 for illegal dumping of waste.

Call: 13 15 55 if you witness illegal dumping or report to RIDonline.