Diversity and Inclusion

Council encourages a diverse and inclusive organisation, where people of all genders, backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences are welcomed and embraced. This has been enhanced through the development of an internal Diversity and Inclusion Group, our external Access Committee and key corporate documents – the Reconciliation Action Plan, Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Plan and Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Through our Reconciliation Action Plan and Diversity and Inclusion Committee, we support social, cultural and economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and encourage local Indigenous community members to apply for vacancies within Council.

Council provides an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion eLearning course which is mandatory for all new employees. The purpose of this course is to establish a foundational Aboriginal cultural awareness for all employees and promote culturally appropriate customer service excellence. Our staff also participate in national dates of significance including NAIDOC Week, National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week.

We are proud to have identified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander positions such as our Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer and Trainee Community Development Officer.


Barbara member of Braidwood outdoor crew

We believe everyone deserves equal opportunity and we aim to close the gender gap in our workforce. We have recently observed a shift in the numbers of women working in traditionally male-dominated roles in our transport construction and utility teams. We have also adapted our recruitment marketing to encourage women to apply for positions in all roles, reflective of our supportive, and discrimination-free working environment.


We have numerous employees who identify as living with disability who contribute to the achievements of Council. We have a Disability Access Committee where staff members can provide input on disability access on major development projects. We also celebrate International Day of People with Disability. As part of our commitment to an inclusive culture, we provide support for those with disabilities by:

  • Supporting reasonable adjustments for new and existing employees
  • Providing arrangements as required to participate in job interviews

Should you have a disability that requires adjustment for the interview process, please contact our Workforce Team careers@qprc.nsw.gov.au


Rosa - Finance Officer at work

We are proud of our diverse workforce which consists of people from various cultural, ethnic, religious and national backgrounds and identities. Our diverse workforce plays an important role in assisting Council meet the needs of our community. QPRC further promotes our rich diversity through the annual Harmony Day.