Beefing up Braidwood

  • Project typeFederally funded project
Paddock filled with serrated tussock weeds

Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council is offering assistance to eligible drought-affected farmers in the Braidwood area for weed management planning and weed control.

The ‘Beefing up Braidwood’ project is funded by the Federal Governments’ Communities Combating Pests and Weed Impacts During Drought Program - Biosecurity Management of Pests and Weeds. The aim of the project is to reduce the negative impact of weeds on agricultural assets in the Braidwood grazing area by implementing integrated weed management plans using best practice control techniques.

The project has three parts:

  1. Develop a local plan - The Braidwood Grazing Industry Weed Management Plan will define the local agricultural asset and actions to manage the negative impacts from priority weeds. The plan will help identify properties and weed species that need to be targeted for more detailed planning and control.
  2. Develop property weed management plans - Targeted properties will be offered assistance to develop integrated property weed management plans. Aerial photography, complemented by Council’s survey drone where useful, will support ground survey and mapping of priority weeds. The project has a target of developing 50 plans covering 100km2 during 2019-20 to prioritise weed control and help long term weed management.
  3. Initiate priority weed control - Strategic weed control of priority weeds identified in property plans will be initiated. Professional weed control services will be offered to support this work, primarily through spot and boom spraying by qualified Council field officers and local contractors.